Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Over 3,000 Hits

I just wanted to post this as a way of showing thanks for all the support you guys have given chuckiesblurbs. I know it isn't that many hits when someone puts this blog's timeline under a microscope, but I felt that I have grown as both a writer person by sticking this project out. Shots out to all the family in Korea, Japan, and America. Special shots out to the people in Incheon, Korea and Okinawa, Japan for being hospitable towards me.

I want to think Madi, Grigory, Navgeet, Kris, Masako, Osamu, Shintak, Tamera "Saigi", and any one else I have neglected to mention.

I have two minor projects that are on my plate at the moment: 1) I am planning to write a book under the pen name Alex Patt. It will be my second book and this one will be an informative piece about the Korean ESL market. 2) I am working on some poetry for a upcoming project. A third minor minor project, that I have is adding more content to Stay tuned for more upcoming announcements. Lates. =) 

P.S. Expect a post at IncheonCharles soon.