Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chuckies Blurbs Reached 500+ Visitors

I have great news for those who have been visiting the site religiously: we have reached over 500 visitors in 2 months! Our records also show that there has been a substantial increase in visitors since December 2008. This means that the way things are going, the site will continue to grow and prosper. I wanted to produce about 25 blogs this month, but was mainly sidetracked with moving. However, I think I have at least reached one of my goals by getting more visitors to the site than last month.

To all of the dedicated fans at CB, thank you for supporting the site and a special thanks goes out to Nightrunner for suggestions and criticisms. With this recession, 2009 is going to be an interesting year at Chuckiesblurbs. That being said, I am going to finish moving and hopefully I will be able to get this site back to a regular schedule.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wal-Mart Does Mass Lay-Offs

As you might know, there are a lot of retailers going out of business. Circuit City, went under, Home Depot laid off 75,000 workers, times are tough. It is indeed, "The best of times, the worst of times". People might have comfort in their jobs, but they really do lay offs in a indiscriminate factor: it is really all based off of seniority. In other words, most chains of employment will go "last hired, first fired". Meaning that if you were not with a company for a long time, then you might want to dust off the ol' resume.

How bad is it at Wal-Mart? Well it is starting to affect our business. While we still make a profit there, we are getting hit with less people. Meaning people are not going out; they are just saving their money. Right now, Sam's Clubs across the nation have laid off 4-5 people per club and they have over 500 clubs. Theoretically, that is over 2,500 people without a job. And they are doing the last five on their hiring lists. If you were a new hire, find another job is all I can tell you. I recommend getting one extra job should you get hired at Sam's Club. Wal-Mart, all depends on their location: if you work at one with low profit then there will be some people let go. That's just the way it is. They are a business so there is no use in becoming altruistic about the situation, people will have to be let go.

If you are one of those people reading this blog, then I feel for you. Tough times will only get tougher. Hopefully you saved money and had a contingency plan, other wise I do not know what to tell you. If they have to let me go then so be it, I always have been good at landing on my feet. I will just out perform the market. My area's profit margin went up 4% so I think there is much to be said about my work.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Put WMT on the List to Buy

WMT is finally going down! Now why would I be excited about this? Am I not trading in WMT? Yes, but alas, I want to be able to buy more! And boy I think my wait is almost over. I have been anticipating WMT to fall below $50. The market for awhile was actually reaping small returns for the people who "got in early". But now is a excellent time to buy if you want to get started on the momentum.

You see, during the holidays, retail tends to out perform other industries. And stock analysts have been correct in presuming that the market will not be as strong as last year. However, they did not think that Wal-Mart will just peak at $57. They were hoping retail would stabilize the economy. This, in fact was an impossibility and it goes back to the fact that most retail chains with the exception of Wal-Mart are primarily in the United States. This does not mean that the fight is over. It just means that the market is adjusting itself to the recession. It will be like this for a few years so might as well start buying while the buying is good!

At this point in time Wal-Mart is at $49.17! This is primarily due to the fact that a lot of people sold at $57, but now is the chance to buy WMT! I would start buying some now. When it drops lower, I will start buying 2 shares per paycheck and with the company covering 15% I will be able to obtain more and more fractional shares. There is a reason investing super genius Warren Buffett, is also in WMT. That is primarily his blue chip stock. He honestly is into stocks with a continual demand.

E-Trade Get Fined 1M for No Protection Against Money Laundering

This is perhaps a great time to take advantage of a stock that will be backed by the bailout. Going at $1.21 a share, E-trade will have to recover from the money laundering lawsuit that was slapped on them for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority I have to say this lawsuit is epic because E-Trade has a record for being known to hold money for up to 2 weeks. I know this because I am a E-trade client. Well, not a big client. I have an experimental account with them with the grade total of $50. My current cash cows are antiques, Gold and Silver and tax free stock dividends.

However, I do have some E-trade stock. I thought to myself, why not, it is so low and they will be protected by the bailout before the banks are. Unfortunately this scandel happened after I got the stock at $1.27. They were at $1.21, but needless to say I need more than $30 invested to get big returns. And no, I got it two weeks ago. However, despite all of the recent controversy behind E-trade, they will more than likely get a piece of that bailout money as the internets biggest onlline stock trader. Alas there is information to take advantage of!

Accroding to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, E-Trade did not have "adequate anti-money laundering programs in place between January 2003 and May 2007" Stock brokerage firms are supposebly required to establish a anti-laundering policy, but if you ask me it is really an excuse to track were all of your cash goes. What if you were sent a money order and then you foward it to them? That in some states , is a form of money laundering. FINRA has been after the online brokerage firms as of late. I believe Scottstrade will be on the chopping block next, if they do not watching their toes. Also FINRA has been trying to go after E-Trade for failed audits, which means that there is a possibility they might not of send everyone a W-2 or 1099 form. Fortunately I do not have enough [in E-Trade] to be audited by the IRS however it does not exclude me from 2010. More than likely, E-Trade is going to go through some staffing transistions and tighten up their management.

If anyone was wondering, if you got in on the action when it fell, there would have been a 5 cent gain on each stock. I am just waiting for the next scandel. I am holding on to E-Trade as my wild card stock. My blue chip stock is WMT which I have way more invested in it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sea Kittens Are Invading My Site

Create Your Own Sea Kitten at!

PETA has somehow hijacked this blog and dropped off an unwanted guest. Meet Ilbert Oppenheimer II. Known for moshing undersea, he has gone a quest to get a hold of several CBGB pictures and the last Ramones vinyl. Save me from the Sea Kittens Ahh!!!!

Contact Obama Through Pepsi

Well I had sushi yesterday as a get together with my friends and to secretly celebrate George W. Bush getting kicked out of the White House. But I have to say that there is a lot of hype behind Barack Obama. This is going to be "the best of times, the worst of times" by far for my generation. For my generation is in their mid 20s relying on credit and spends alot instead of saving a lot. If the hype is worth it will remain to be seen.

Do not get me wrong: the dollar will fall and there will be countries left and right trying to remove their peg from the USD. It will happen and Obama cannot reverse it. More people will lose jobs before things improve. Unlike other presidents who come from the land of Ivy, Barack Obama earns my respect because he can from a one parent family, went through college on multiple scholarships and got his degree through merit. Also he did not take the corporate way out: he rejected a bunch of Fortune 500 jobs in order to help welfare divisions in Chicago Illinois. That is impressive. And what better way to appeal to the people by having your inaguration on Martin Luther King day. This will definately set in stone which ethicity he idenifies himself with. I mean Time magazine already gave him Man of the Year for 2008.

Pepsi has set up a letter widget that will allow you to write a letter to the Obama administration. Who knows how much they are making off the deal, but now is the time to really let your voice be heard. With an 80% approval rating so far, we do stand a chance of surviving as a nation. For while, I thought the U.S. will completely go under, but we might hang on by the skin of our teeth. If you are interested in contacting him, has it on their front page. I asked him to back the dollar with gold, but I will more than likely be called a conspiracy nut by his cabinet. However the best way out of an inflating fiat is to back the fiat by something of value and eliminate fiat.

This is perhaps the window of oppertunity to get the floodgates open. That widget will not be on Yahoo forever. If you want to have a chance of contacting the president, this is the best way to do this.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More PETA Whackiness

I think for 2009, PETA just won the award for "easiest organization to make fun of". Here we go again with more antics from PETA. Now they wish to call fish, sea kittens.

Ironic isn't it? The one specie of animal that wishes to advert its attention away from water will share the same name as the animal in the water. Oh wait that is George W. Bush. This weirdness only brings up the question of their own ethics. Why is this considered ethical? They robbed me of 30 seconds of pertinent news.

So if sea kittens is the new buzzword for sea fish then I guess I ate a bunch of sea kittens for dinner. Man raw sea kittens is the best thing since slice bread. Perhaps I could roll with this, but I think I will scathe by with a PG rating.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3rd Post!

According to my VG grape vine the new Resident Evil (Bio hazard) 5 games will have Chris Redfield as the main character for the Resident Evil series. After a long sabbatical Capcom fans finally will have something to cheer for. And I have also heard rumors that Ada Wong will be back along with Umbrella Corporation's Hunk.

For those of you not familiar with the Resident Evil story line. There was this mansion in the Arklam mountains located north of Raccoon city with this mansion. Inside the mansion Umbrella would perform secret black op experiments. Without the explicit details, Chris and Jill confronted their leader which turned out to be none other than Albert Wesker, the head of STARS (Special Tactics And Rescue Squad). They decided in the end the T-Mutant living at the base and the T-virus was too much to deal with so they went to the base of Arkley mansion and demolished it.

When Chris and Jill came back from their mission. Raccoon city did not believe their photos nor their evidence. Disgruntled by this, Jill Valentine turns in her badge and decides to leave and decides to go sort of vigilante.

(RE 0 Stuff)

While heading to the Arkley mansion their was a strange lady that had bugs fly out of her body. This was considered one of the Ashford experiments gone awry. The being had no control and started to spread the T-virus on a massive scale. Rebbecca Chambers and Carlos had to confront this entity and take it down. Rebbecca was then trapped inside the mansion until she aided Chris Redfield from the STARS Alpha team. Doing this, gave her an avenue of escape. What happen to her after R.E. 0 remains a mystery at the current moment.

(RE 2 Stuff)

In Resident Evil 2 It turns out that Chris Redfield has a younger sister named Claire Redfield who is also "the master of unlocking" and can carry more stuff than the Leon. Leon is a cop for R.P.D. who was supposed to have finished his orientation has a police office and become an official boy in blue. But due to the spreading of the enhance G-virus, that came to an abrupt end. Umbrella Corporation plays a more active role in this upcoming sequel because it gets more in depth on the employees their. Most of them being nihilistic at best. Leon S. Kennedy, meets Claire Redfield and falls for Ada Wong who secretly has a former lover named John who worked at the Arkley mansion. Turns out the Cheif of Police was taking bribes from Umbrella Corporation in order to cover everything up. The new G-virus tyrant, aka Willaim Burkin goes on a head hunt in order to avenge his legacy of having Umbrella take his G-virus formula. Oh and as a side note, the Umbrella team in Resident Evil: Extinction, got a hold of it through the Hunk operative. They then implemented the Tyrant experiment on her and made her super human.

(Resident Evil 3) Takes place after the 2nd RE movie and Jill quit RPD and is trying to escape Raccoon city. She goes through and tries to find whatever survivors there might be. She get out with a hand ful of survivors and Umbrella decided to blow up Raccoon city so that they could contain the story of both the T-virus and G-virus break outs. Jill also takes out the 3rd Tyrant due to the help of a mysterious figure (Rebecca maybe?). Jill then escapes by the skin of her teeth.

(Resident Evil Code Veronica) Turns out that the Ashford family had a vested interest in Claire Redfeild and wanted to make sure that she keep the Umbrella Corporation a secret so she was kidnapped by their black ops team and was taken to a prison full of... you guessed it zombies! This is basically about another location and derails a little from the Resident Evil Series, but it is still crucial to play to get a feel of the evil Ashford legacy. Ashfords, are basically a group of family members that frowns upon humanity so they decided to fund their Umbrella Corporation to create a virus and let it run rampant. The test site was Raccoon city. It was purposely released so that the virus could spread through the mansion and wipe away any existence of the funding. Albert Wesker also got rid of all of the evidence that pointed the act of fraticide to them. She then rescues Chris, who happens to be in Antartica and blows up the base. Like anybody would miss it in Anartica anyways.

Resident Evil 4 shifts back to Leon who follows in Jill's foot steps and quits R.P.D. The STARS police unit was an extention of RPD. He then goes to Latin America's Umbrella base to investigate a possibility of their being a zombie out break down there. Like all R.E. games, there was, but these zombies were different. Thanks to the battle field data taken from the "sentient RE3 tyrant" Umbrella was finally able to create their "super soldier": a sentient zombie. These zombies were more dangerous, because they could wield weapons and chase after Leon with them. He then finds more evidence that Umbrella and the Ashfords have a human genocide program being implemented and Leon decided to delay their action by destroying the facility.

R.E. 5 will definitely be a mystery, but so far the sequence of games have been good on Capcom's part. But the truth will eventually be unveiled during opening day!

Totally Random Yet Not 2nd Post

I just thought I let people know my status.
a) I am recovering from my loss.
b) I might have found a place.
c) I have the power bill to rule them all!

a) My roomates have left me with some damaged stuff that will eat away at my deposit. Oh wait we actually get those back? But, seriously the car being left and the broken window sort of tarnishes my rep.

b) I am currently looking for a place near the Peppermill on Linden. I will have to see how that turns out. I might need a ride to help me with moving all my books for right now I do not have time to quickly sell them. I will cross that bridge at the new place.

c) I do not know how, but I got a powerbill that is $286! The good news is that it is not inn my name and my roomate refuses to take my money to cover the cost. The bad news is that he will ditch the bill when we move so I think wherever I go, I will be in charge of another bill. Le sigh...I do not mind paying the bills, but calling and going online to take care of them all is quite tedious. I think that is utter garbage squared. Whether he ditches the bill or not does not matter to me. I would have paid my share if he decided to change his mind.

Possibly d) I am currently formulating a strategy inorder to cut my bills by 60%. One bill I will get rid of is the power bill. If possible, I want to get rid of garbage and only pay half the total rent. I think it is gonna be 2 people in a one bedroom for me. After that, I do not want anymore roomies unless they have a consistancy of completing leases.

A Fun New Chain Game Called You

This game comes from Shekey's myspace blog. Pass it on if you like it!

Type your name in my blog comments.
Once you do that, this is what I'll do for you...
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.(if possible. if not, I'll say something that only makes sense to me.)
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.
9. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.
10. If you play, you MUST post this on yours. You MUST.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Is Being Released

I am starting to wonder what the future hold for Square Enix after they keep making games on individual platforms. Right now I am going through Dragon Warrior VII made by Enix. It is a good game but it lacks the depth of storyline that Square has developed. However, the ginourmous flop known as Final Fantasy the Spirits Within forced them to seek out Enix and merge them. While I would love to ramble on about their history. No one is reading this blog to hear about their history. If someone asks me about it I will comment on it.

So far from the screen shot it has a bit of an Final Fantasy VIII feel mixed with X. Thankfully it does not look like XII, which was just plain exhausting to play. I just decided not to play further after a certain point. I have beat all the Final Fantasies that came out up until XI and XII. XI is impossible to "beat" because it is an MMO while XII is good storyline wise, it lacks a certain versatility. It is like they tried to take a Dragon Warrior game and combine it with Secret of Mana and WoW. To put it brief, "wow boring".

XIII worries me a bit, I know it is still in production, but from what I am hearing it is a combination of classical and techno for the fight music. Now time for some fun stuff like knowing the characters!

On to the translation part:


She is known just as Lighting. She does not talk much and does not really express her true feelings.

Snow Villers

This lad is high spirited and brash. He constantly speaks directly and in a informal manner and acts on his word. He often sees situations through in a positive manner.

Oreba Dia Vanille

She is a determined and resilient woman. Inside while her way of thinking is dated, there is nothing she does not know.

From what I see there has only been three characters released at this time. I provided the translation of Japanese to English to provide you a sense of what to expect. It seems that Square Enix is keeping a tight lid about some of the details and their "trailers" button is greyed in (hint, hint). For right now all we can do is sit and wait for Mr. Tetsuya Nomura to spill the beans on it. It will be interesting to see how the music will be guided without Final Fantasy team veteran Nobuo Uematsu. Uematsu designed most of the scores for the series since Final Fantasy III. He stopped making scores at Final Fantasy X to start his own private music mixing studio. Now if only Nomura-san could make a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics that does not involve the judges. I like how the original "War of the Lions" was set up.


140 Year Old Lobster Freed By PETA

One can only come to awe nature. It is a apparent that the end to things come is the ultimate conclusion in life. To deny this is strange, to rebel against this is a feat itself.

Enter one 140 year old lobster and a 5 star restraunt vs. animal "rights" organization PETA into the mix and you have heliarity in the making. Since yahoo christianed the crustation, George, he will be refered by his alias rather than "the lobster". This is funny stuff so I might as well roll with it.

George has taken up residence in the Big Apple was under the sea one day when some NY lobster fishermen... ahem ( this is the PETA version)... the nafarious crab harvesters from Maine decided it was high time to take him to resturant row!

Who would saved ourhero George from the evil clutches of City Crab and Seafood Inc. Where was Nemo in his time of need?

Signal the trumpets!!! Do do do PETA Power!

"He is, well, 3 centuries in human years! Well it isn't like someone he will miss him if he goes to the deep friar. The thing that matters as that we're here"

PETA is actually a organization with a long record of contradiction. While they have a history of saving animals, in actuality, they have actually put "to sleep" over 75% of the animals they save. Kind of makes you wonder what's the point of having a animal organization that fails to save animals.

Getting back to George, thanks to PETA he went to live out the rest of his days in a retirement home for lobsters in the sea. Since then he has made plenty of friends and often plays chess, shuffleboard, and backgammon with them. Now he lives happily in the sea of Maine. Thank you PETA; we trust in your knowledge that some guy who just wanted a bite to eat cannot have the 140 year old George. They will still eat another lobster so what was the point?


Friday, January 9, 2009

Chuckies Blurbs Now On

I am just writing away today. Thought having people digg my material, would generate more viral traffic. We will see what happens with that. Stay Tuned.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thousand Dollar Homes

Wow when you thought the housing market was done with surprises, here it comes again with $1,000 homes for sale. I could not believe my eyes when I read that. I was in awe for a brief second. If anyone wanted to make a killing renting, now would be the time to do it.

What is the catch you ask? The homes are in Flint, Michigan, one of the most run down neighborhoods in the United States. However, this is perhaps a once in a lifetime deal; this will not happen again for a very long time. These homes for the most part are what I said earlier: liens. If you want to stop giving you money away on borrowed time, it is a start. The people that are prudent with their money, will see that they could perhaps see a return on their investment should they rent out these homes at $200-300 with in 4-5 months. You will not be able to do that with a home here in Nevada. Like I said before, banks need buyers to get rid of the property. Don't believe me? Look here !!


Notice to All

I will be moving to a new address at the end of my lease this month, so expect a slight delay with the blog posts. I do not know when I will stop posting, I am just giving everyone the heads up. I will continue to post accordingly after February 1, 2009. Oh and I plan on having a few suprises this year which will be of comedic value so stay tuned.

For right now keep on reading; nothing is happening right now. I am leeching someone's wireless connection, so my posts should be more frequent. As far as new posts go, I will have to see what I can get after Feb 1st.

By the way, good news: chuckiesblurbs has broken 400 visitors. Oh those poor souls ;P. Anyways, keep the momentum, bookmark, and subscribe so I can experiment with the site. For me the site is an ongoing experimentation. It is kind of like the Children's book Button Soup with Goofy and Donald the duck. Eventually after all the ingrediants are added the soup takes on a life of its own, even if it just started with a button.

Chuckie's Blurbs reached 300+ visitors

Yes! I am so happy about this! It has actually taken a lot of hard work to do this because it requires me to constantly update my content. Thank you everyone for the dedicated support and it is good to start the New Year off with a bang. 2008 definitely had its ups and downs, but this year I feel will be epic. There will be new challenges and obstacles to overcome. While I do tend to talk a bit about the economy and finance, it is good that I have people who actually are aware of this house of cards coming undone.

So far Barack Obama, has been doing surprisingly okay considering that the economy is in the dumps. I have to hand it to him, he has been able to quash some of the bailouts that the house was trying to pass. It is a shame that on some counts his hands are tied, mainly by judicial and legislative accounts. Rest assured, if he boo boos, I will gladly ping him on it. His handling of his seat in congress has been rather mature so I think he is off to an okay start. Our fearless leader GWB on the other hand would require me to make a separate blog devoted to his eight year history of failures, speech slips and shoe dodging.

So 300 visitors isn't a bad way to start off the New Year! If you like this blog, then please subscribe to it. I am actually hurting for subscriptions and could use regulars.

This is Spar...!!? Oh wait, that is trademarked. Keep on reading on!

Reno Nominated for Most Drunkedness Award

Good middle of the night morning to you! Chukie here with more great news from the "Biggest Little City". According to our statistics in the Reno Gazette Journal, Reno has been elected as place with the most alcoholics in the nation. While I do not have a Jagerbomb to drink to that, I have a inkling some source of alcohol will before me after I am done with this post. >:) Anyway this is perhaps great news if one was worried about their job at Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Booze Bros. I guess people can still afford to get tanked even though they cannot pay on their credit card. Hey I'll even drink to that! After all we are actually helping out a local industry.

While I could just sing and ale, I think I will drink some later. If anyone was wondering about which bars I like, I will go ahead and drop them.

Stregas- They have their bar set up like a house party plus it plays decent metal.
Shooters- This bar is hit and miss at times, but if you need a cheap beer in Reno, check this place out. And they karaoke on Thursdays, with a sick list of songs.

Pub and Sub- One of the best ways to test economics with beer and pizza, period. They serve oven brick pizzas.
West 2nd Str. Bar- Basically it is karaoke everyday and good luck getting a spot to sing. You will be waiting in line until next New Years. The down side is that they have bouncers who frisk you at the door.
Waterfall- One cannot deny the elegance of the classic bar. Kind of makes feel like I am in a RPG. Maybe I should slay the dragon for the bathroom key... He's taking too long.
Lil Wal'- While I do not like their dance floor, I do like the burgers and the drink specials.
Vino's- Actually I would call this a dive dance floor. Want something more upscale? Go to Divine, where it actually hurts to breathe.
Ryan's- has to been mentioned after the monthly crawls. I had fun at Ryan's and the Waterfall, I imagine that they will get more publicity after the RGJ had them on the front cover of today's paper.

Now it is time to celebrate having the most alcoholics in the city! Support local businesses, get tanked at bars. We earned it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wal-Mart New Revised No Overtime Policy

Happy late New Year's everyone! While mine was just a marathon of video games, I hope you have found yours more stimulating.

Here I am going to talk about odd quicks that go along in with the retail business. And I am pretty sure it is like this at a lot of places in retail. If you want to futher educate yourself on surviving in retail. I suggest, pretending you care by Norm Feuti.

Today's odd quick is overtime. People who are working paycheck to paycheck love this little word. But at Wal-Mart/Sam's Club, it is like one of George Carlin's 7 dirty words. You know which ones :/. So if you want to engross yourself in toilet humor, Wiki it.

Overtime is considered so dirty associates and managers refer to it by OT. And they no longer used the phrase write up, they call it a coaching. Wow! Like anyone cannot see through the euphemism. Now this actually gets me a bit angry because what a lot of managers do at Sam's Club. And while they do work 50-60 hours (depending on the department), it is not going to kill someone if they have to the finishing touch at the end of someone's shift. That is why they are being paid 30-60K to finish some work that is leftover. Why do I mention this before getting into their system? Because a lot of the Cash Office Supervisors and Managers actually cause people to get more overtime for someone else's extra stuff. In fact I have gotten warned two days ago by the same manager that said he did not care about over time. (At whose expense?) While he did not say it was a verbal coaching, he implied that I could lose my job if I get more. That is not to say he is not a good manager, but I could tell he being led by the operations manager who is bent on getting anyone with a fraction of a second of OT. And there are times when customer or "members" come up to me and ask me questions. So great, if a manager forces me into OT, I could get fired, if a member forces me into OT, I could get fired. I am starting to see why retail has such a high turnover rate.

So members and managers could potentially get me fired, great. Now there is a law that is in California which now applies to Nevada's Sam's Clubs and Wal-Marts as well. For any associate that makes over $10.50, they cannot work more than 40 hrs. However, since I make less than that, I have to abide by additional clauses. For anyone making under $10.50, they cannot work more than a maximum of 8.0 hours in a day. This also means that their corporate Sun Down rules is utterly pointless.

Sun Down means that the associate must finish all tasks assigned by the end of the shift. So if there is a new task that will take thirty minutes and you only have fifteen to go, you might want to start dusting off that resume. In short, do not take on any new tasks that are not part of the job desciptor. Disreguard Sun Down, do whatever you have and just go home. While Sam Walton might frown on you, he is not around to judge you. Corporate, however, is. So for now on, if someone asks me to do something at the end of my shift, I will refuse. If they so much as ask me to do carts and I only have thirty minutes to go, I will refuse or just do some and leave seven mintues in advance (I need time to put away stuff and whatnot). Here at Sam's Club, overtime is a dirty word.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Investments on the rise

Today is a wonderful day for me! WMT just hit $57 and Silver just hit over $11! However, this euphoria is just a fleeting moment for me. Silver will be surging in a few months. Those who have it now will be in awe as their portfolio triples and quadruples and those who did not believe will wish they did. Also it is my last month of rent and I am elated. I am moving again! Where to...somewhere way cheaper than where I currently live. Now is a great time to rent. It is a good time to buy property too, but this is just the beginning. If one waits the prices of real estate will falter even more.

Ahh, but there is a silver lining to the real estate cloud. For all those people that want to take that next step and buy property, there is a better way to do so. Banks are stuck with a bunch of land that they do not know what to do with. Meaning that they need to find a buyer to obtain revenue of their sale that just bellied up. This is where the money savvy has a chance to thrive!

Ladies and gentlemen, the worse word a real estate agent wants to hear. I wish to buy someone else's lien. There are lots of foreclosed properties on the market that need to be moved. It is like the "Clearance aisle" of real estate. There are also a lot of people that want out of their contract. Note: If you go this route, do not go towards a lien with a ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage). You just might lose an arm! Sure it might mean dishing out 50 to 60K, but you will actually get some mad equity on your investment. There are a lot of houses on the market, do not believe that you cannot get a lien. The recession is a chance of a lifetime and there will be some mad exchanges in the process. It all depends on what you are willing to spend out of savings for investing. If you start out, invest only 10~20% of your paycheck or monthly income. If you have debt, knock it out if it is a lot and then start investing.

Happy New Year + Contest?

Overall it has not really been a month for me with this site, but in about 3 weeks I have seen rise, falls and rises again with traffic. Right now I am basically running this site on less than five hours a week. I say that is not bad. I will have to do something big if I reach 1,000 hits. Maybe a contest of sorts. I do not know what type of contest I will have or what type of contest it will be, but by golly, I will have one.=) Stay tuned! So at the rate the traffic is...that gives me about 3 to 4 months to prepare.