Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fallout 3 Named Game of the Year for 2008

Good evening. It is starting to warm up a little so I can make use of this post. How is everyone doing with the New Year? I was probably a little brutal in my last post, so I will return to normalcy. Anyways, has anyone seen the game Fallout 3?

This almost makes me want to pick up an X-box. Seriously the game has a long history of being put off and passed along to different companies. First Interplay said they were going to do the game, then it fell through, then some other company said they will take the Fallout Francaise over, but to no avail it gets canned again. It seemed like this game was doomed from the start. You know, kind of like Deus Ex 3 and Duke Nukem Forever. (Which I am also anticipating) There is one reason why I have not upped and bought an X-box 360 and that is the dreaded Red Ring of Death, a symptom created from bad maufacturing. I have waited a long long time for this game it has been released by Bethesda, a company I know little about. I hope it lives up to the legend when I do get around to playing it. And yes I know, I do not need an X-Box to play Fallout 3.

For those of you that do not know the series it is based on the completion of the Cold War. Everyone is wiped out and the ones who survived exist in "vaults". But these vaults are running out of recourses and it is up to the vault dweller to risk life and limb to find more vaults or a GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). Once this item is found. Everything goes hunky dory and everyone lives happily ever after. If you call surviving in nuclear fallout the happy ending.

The games are vast. You travel from anarchaic cities to areas that are plutaric filled with slave traders and those brahmin (two headed cows; no seriously I am not joking). There are also mutants that wish to enforce their dominion over the vault dweller and thrawt him from ever obtaining the kit needed to keep the vault going or to keep his tribe alive. (Depending on which one you are playing)

There is also Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, which you get to play as members of the Brotherhood of Steel, paladins sworn to vanquishing the evil mutants that try to enthrall the human and converting them into mutants. Brotherhood of Steel is perhaps a bit short though. Compared to the other in the series, it only took about a day and a half to beat. The boss fights on this game, depending on the difficult though is enough to make you swear obscenities at the TV =).

There are a bunch of options you have in each game and you can give you character feats and skills just like the in Dungeons and Dragons and they gain skill point in about the same manner. So if you want to try a series that is meant for gamers and is actually a "challenge". This game series will not disappoint you. The difficulty is up there with the old school Metal Gear series.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years Resolutions

As we wind down towards New Years we have a purpose to fulfill every year and that is the resolution. It might be a Christian concept or whatnot, but I think it is a good thing to try to accomplish. I have actually done some, but I never really done all of the list.

I think I will try to make a more theasible list as opposed to some of the things I have done previously.

1. Go to Japan by the end of 2009.
2. Read 100 books.
3. Get more traffic to this site.
4. Try to save over 60% of my capital and reinvest it in gold, silver, currencies, trade, WMT, and skills.
5. Help more people succeed in whatever they do.
6. Vastly improve myself in classical literature and economics.
7. Create multiple streams of income (well more than I have now)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Post X-Mas Post:What to Look Foward to in 2009

Hopefully everything went well for everyone in the Holidays. Merry Christmashanakuannzaa. Now it is time to prepare for the New Year. It is now the time to awash all of the past years mistakes and start anew. It does not get any easier as we approach the anniversiery of the 1929 Great Depression. It is funny that the combination of the marginalists, cerditors and debtors were a great contribution towards the fabrication of the collaspe of the roaring 20s.

It bring another question that comes to mind. Are you recession proof. I have talked about this eariler: have you taken the steps necessary to weather it. Look at the dollar. Look at how it looks like expensive toilet paper. Now look at the penny. Did you know for every cent of currency used to make a one cent piece, it cost more than one cent to do so? That is because there are too many dollars in the system. And it is not done through the industrialization of money. No, it is fabricated and made as glue for this house of cards. And if you think the credit you take or the debt you take cannot be fabricated, ask a banker at Wells Fargo or Bank of America and they will be glad to further educate you on the values of staying out of debt.

I hate to talk to people like little kids, but considering my old job at Sierra Kids, I have no problem to do so. For every 10-20K you borrow from Chase or Morgan Stanley, makes them richer because one they are collecting adjusted interest aka fabricated money for the purpose of collecting debt. Meaning they make their share out of sharing fake money. It is all digital, it is fallible, it is fiat. Fiat is based upon having a current monetary value based upon trust. If trade and relations go bad in the country with this "system" then you might as well call it toilet paper.

In short mathematics if 1 U.S. Dollar = a unit of fiat and if fiat = 1 unit of toilet paper then it is safe to say that 1 U.S. Dollar = 1 unit of Toilet Paper. Well now we all know we can upgrade from Charmin if we need to. Meaning that if you so wish, you can begin to wipe your bottom with the U.S. Dollar.

So what can we do in order to previal from a failing currency? Nothing.
Let that sink in for awhile. There is nothing that a Obama or a Clinton or a Greenspan can do. America has already hit the iceberg. We need change, or better yet a new currency to falll upon. Wait, why not an old currency? One that will stand the test of time? One that the dollar used to be backed by?

What about the elements Au and Ag. For those of you who find chemistry a bore, I wil put it in historical perpective. America's currency was backed by this, so was Japan's along with Switzerlands, the Romans back it with this along with the Greeks. China was also the main pirate of these elements, these metals. Metal should strike a chord with some of you and I do not mean AC/DC. What I am talking about is Gold and Silver. It has always stood the test of time and it has always been there to back the currency. It made currency current. In Zimbabwe, they have expiration dates on their currency. Would you like to see your dollar have the same or would you like to be protected against spoiled fiat.

The year 2009, will be the greatest time for us as a nation. It will create and break communities. All of this has been done with Richard Nixon, but we usher in not an era of trust but an era of turmoil. The solution is to eliminate fabricated currency and go back to an era of hard currency. It has yet to fail for thousands of years, why change now? While yes I have been blogging about Nintendo Wiis and Acer laptops, everyone needs some form of entertainment. What people do not know though is that entertainment has been in the form of silver and gold laced microchips. So this is another reason to buy gold and silver; they will always have a use.

Since the leaders of today are total creme puffs compared to a Roosevelt or a Jackson, we need to scramble to the life boats or go down with the ship. I have my boat ready. how about you?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sam's Club Promo Part 3

It has been a terrific week at Sam's Club. I have received free food for two days straight along with Holiday Pay. I have sold about 40K in product while working the promo table. If I was in a commission job, I would probably have about 1.5K as take home pay. However I have to say Que sera sera and be glad I have a job during the recession. While most of the stuff I have sold have been of notable quality. You should really visit Sam's Club during our after Christmas Blitz. There be heads rolling at corporate =).

For those of you that missed the Nintendo Wii on the Santa Radar during the dreaded Black Friday, there will sales that will rival it after Christmas. They saying is good things comes to those who wait and waiting will be worth it. There will be more Nintendo Wiis sometime this Janurary, but it will likely be in middle Janurary at best. You know all that stuff that was $200-300 dollars during the holidays? It will fall like crazy and be clearance booty to be found. Arrg.

Pirate jokes aside, Sam's Club, WILL NOT be open on Christmas day. Stores open on Christmas day I think are just Wal-Mart, Target, and a few Resturants that serve fast food. If you want to survive without looking for a store this holiday, Wells Mart and Rainbow Mart look like winners.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sam's Club Promo Part 2

Okay I am back with the skinny on the electronics and jewelery promo at Sam's Club in Reno. Currently we have several perfumes going for only $20. Brands include CK One and Curves. And we have imitation leather double clip folding purses with magnet clipping.

For Photo we have rotating library picture frames and a Olyumpus Camera Set going for $99. Set comes with a digital camera, photo frame, and carry case.

I Pods for sale include 16GB and 8GB We are out of the 32GB I Pod!!! We also have Monster I Pod accessiories and Sony Noise cancelling headphones going for $70. Let me not forget that we also have 32GB I Touches for sale.

Guitar Hero Word Tour goes for $77.78 and comes with a guitar and a game. The Princess Peach Bling set goes for about $200. It comes with a pink Nintendo DS, Nintendogs and a cat game. Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit is all sold out! Ebay at your own risk!!!

There are come commuter gloves going for $12 and some X Box 360s going for about $280. Noteables are watches that were $500 bucks pricing for $50. (Do not ask me how)If you see them they are perhaps a good item to spin sell. There will be more items to report so I will add more information as the X-mas promos keep happening.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Christmas time is here and all of that jazz. Have you saved your money this year? For the most part I have, but I had to deal with roommates bailing out on me. And people say that Insurance companies need bailouts? ;?/ This is why people should not totally depend on others: while one just hit hard straights due to his abysmal employment record, the other was a total snake in the grass. He kept up ruses and allusions that kept him skating by. Overall the only decent skill that he had was getting dates with different women consecutively, but when the awe fades away it is still just a costly skill.

I had some plans that were put on hold due to their mis-management of their own personal finances. When I write this blog you have to ask yourself if you are one of those people who spends frivolously.

1. Do you spend over $100 per week on fast food dining?
2. Do you often put everything on credit?
3. Do you have a tendency to not set budgets when you go out to eat?
4. Have you ever had to take on tons of debt

While I am not perfect myself, I realize that the student loan that I am paying on was my debt thresh hold. That was all I could withstand borrowing. I am glad to say I have paid $1,000 of it back and got roughly $4,000 to go. How do I manage my finances? I have to say it is with a calculated formula of saving to spending ratio. The news above has sent me out of it a bit, but for the most part it is a fireproof way of budgeting when you are constantly on the run.

One of the things I do which is sort of bad is eat out, but with careful budgeting I have managed to re-align the amount I spend on fast food and restaurant food. First off I make the slow food dining only once per week for purposes of writing reviews and getting proper nutrients in my body. Since I walk everywhere, I save 3,000 dollars per year in gas money. The off take to this is fast food joints. Since I am human, there is only so long I can go without getting food so I try my best to eat three times a day so I can have lesser portions each time around.

At Sam's Club I can get 2 pizza slices for $1.88 since, but usually I have a soda for about $.90. The market price on it varies, but usually it is $.85~$.90. I also do not buy pizza if there is enough Manager food left overs on Mondays. Eventually I will cull this on certain days and eat more ramen, but the line for the microwave is sometimes really long.

While I have slipped due to slight depression as of late, I usually do either dollar menu purchases or fast food surveys. I have been trying to find fast Wi-Fi around town, but the best signals in my area are Aroma Club (which you have to buy something) and Zephyr Books (Which you do not; unless you want to =))

Also there are a few specials around town. If I can time them right I can hit all of the $1 taco nights around town and eat like a king. (i.e. Del Taco has Taco Tuesdays, Taco Bell has theirs on Wednesday, Taco Johns has theirs on Monday, Jimboys, has theirs on Friday.)I also sometimes cash my paycheck at the Atlantis to get a free drink. While yes eating at homes is perhaps cheaper, I think the overall amount I spend is not too bad compared to the time I lack to prepare the food. You have to see which exchange works for you. Remember, I walk everywhere and that takes up a lot of time. My commute to and from work totals about an hour and a half.

Clothes wise, I buy clearance. Department stores have the tendency to overstock their merchandise and need to get rid of items quickly so if one is patient you can find brand new $4 shirts and $9 dollar pants. The only store to rival this is perhaps Junkees a used clothing outlet store located in Reno. Albeit finding my measurements is a Herculean task, believe me.

Transportation, my feet! My feeterginis, my shoemos, overall this is something that is perhaps hard to deal with in the snow, but if one has resilience, they can adjust themselves to the harsh conditions of Reno. It is not as bad after awhile (say one month) of walking in the rain or snow. When it gets too cold, I am usually able to catch the bus or get a ride home. If I need to do a lot of running around, I pay someone for their time and gas. It is as simple as that.

Bills, I set aside roughly 30% of my money to go towards them. If I have a little left over, I save it. If not, I budget better the next month.

Phone service: right now I am currently with Cricket, but I will switch to pay as I call service. I do not know when this will be, but the frequency that I receive calls has went down dramatically so there is no need to pay $45/month anymore. I might drop it down to $25/month for just local or maybe just get the new $1 per day of actual phone usage. This will be to compensate to get Internet service which Cricket's is currently the cheapest. I will not do this until early march though.

Internet Service: Currently I am going with free Wi-Fi stations all over Reno. I think I will settle on Zephyr books at the moment because I can use their service with little complaint. I was using Burger King's due to my work schedule, but I am getting tired of their slow connection and the rude management. All in all, I save around 60-70% of my income minus irresponsible roommates. I will have to recover from this and try to save an actual 70% this month =(.

Normally 268+40 (elec.)+8(water)=$316/month; not bad.
Now 536+ 120 (elec; from my roommates running up the bills) +14 (water)=$770 Ouch. Yeah I am not on speaking terms with them.

I am with the current dilemma to get either a one bedroom, two bedroom, or studio. I am tired of fluctuating bills. Luckily the money I saved shouldered the flakiness of my roommates. If I can alleviate fluctuating bills that I have little control over that would be great.

Electronic and Jewelery Promo Commencing Tomorrow

Ok, so I got my days off early, that just means I have to work seven consecutive days for a jewelry and electronics promo. There will be a sales promo going on in the electronics department between the 18th to the 24th. Sam's Club is one of the few places I know with a liberal return policy. It is that very policy that costs us to be in the red with electronics. I have to say that this is mainly due to members, abusing the system, but I am going to go ahead and talk about why it is so easily abused.

1. TV's at Sam's club have a 6 month refund policy. Meaning you can literally use and abuse your tv and bring it back with no questions asked. I do not know any other store that can get away with this like Sam's Club. This is only because Sam's Club boasts of having several different memberships, but in order to keep those memberships, they have to cater to abrupt stupidity.

2. Everything gets returned with almost no questions asked. All you have to do is raise your voice at Membership and they will cowtow to you and happilly accept your exchange. Have 160GB I pod that you do not like? No problem, exchange it with no problem. Have a 52" Plama TV that you personally dropped on the way home? No problem! Sam's Club does not really care.

Anyways back to the promo. The details on the promo are sort of hush hush. Meaning you will have to find a Courtesy Clerk to get any of the juice on it. More than likelly the promo items featured will be 19" LCDs, Nintendo DS Promo packs, Nintendo Wii promo packs, Sony PSP promo packs, Laptops (Maybe the Acer will be back) along with rings and corsets. Remember if you do not anything there, it can be exchanged with no questions asked.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feed Food for the Stomach Part 2: Indian Kabob and Curry

Good evening everyone! Chuckie here with another food review. This one happens to be a more well known place in Reno. Indian Kabob and Curry has received many awards for excellent food and service. So in continuation to the pledge I made last week, I plan on continuing to help local business thrive by keeping every transaction I make within the United States. Now on to the review.

I came into this place in street clothes like I always do. While usually I avoid dress clothes due to my current profession I am not one who shies away from them. But...they are not really needed in Reno's Indian Kabob and Curry. This is a thriving place where business man and college student alike talk, chit-chat, schmooze and make connections. Want to impress someone to invest in your business for less than $10? This is perhaps the best place to do it. They have a self service buffet conveniently located on the back wall of their store. Usually the service is good, but lately it seems to have taken a hit since they have staff changes. Sham was perhaps the best server there, but I am not going to tax them totally on store favorites.

Today's menu on the buffet boasted of three different types of masala and two different types of curry. I was scratching my head as to why I could not find the dessert there. They have some of the healthiest desserts there (usually some type of sweet bean paste, tapioca pudding, or coconut soup. Today, there was no dessert for after going rounds with curry and masala. On this, I have to deduct a star for selection. Their salad row also took up half the buffet area. While I do like salads, I was craving vegetables and spicy beef curry. (Fortunately they did have this out en masse :p~ )

Overall the taste and texture of the food was rich. I would have to say it is perhaps some of the best food I have had in Reno.

Service wise, the store has dropped a few notches. If I have to ask multiple times to get a soda refill, then there is something wrong. I am not an impatient person, but at the same time I do expect good service. But honestly, if your store attacted college students and businessmen, you would think it would have Wi-fi. I am not going to deduct anything there for now but I think they need to use their own instead of Scotland Yard's connection. I tried the Spy Shop's connection and it did not come up. Meaning that they are probably on to them having Kabob and Curry customers steal their band width. Also the other businesses did not have their connections open so it is perhaps more prudent to say "No we do not have our own bandwidth". They lose a star for today's interaction. The owner was friendly, but the staff waiting on me needed to probably be coached on customer service. To have happy patrons, one needs good product and good service.

Their final score is 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is a shame to see a good restruant turn sour during a recession. To survive it their quality cannot be compensated for good product. It has to weigh the same overall. If you want to see further reviews on Indian Kabob and Curry Buffet, go to Yelp.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A typical boring day at Sam's Club: and What I Do About It

Sam's club is a really good place to work if you just got out of school or are in school. It is a place where you can thrive as a worker ant, going from hour to hour making due, serving the member. But there are times when you get really slow traffic and it becomes outright boring. When this happens what do I do? How do I go on in total boredom. Or what seems like customer service frozen in time.

1. I find random stuff to do. I mean really random stuff. The first thing I do is look for someone in charge. If there is someone, I pester them for something random to do. If that does not work I read whatever is on the Wal-Mart Wire. If I feel that it is too boring to hear what Lee had to say or I cannot find anyone who pretends to be in charge, I zone--basically I grab a bunch of card board out of my aisles and throw it in the bailer, which usually is full and needs to be bailed. Then I wait for something random to come up on the radio and then I do whatever I need to do. However, on Sundays all times stands still. Everything moves at the speed of snails and it get so bad that I can clock the rate people chew their food in the cafe.

2. I push carts. Though I hate doing this, when I get really bored, it is a good time killer. Sam's Club is doing mediocre in sales and it is mainly due to the fact that Cost Co has three stores surrounding Sam's club and they are the competition. So when I push carts, I basically want to have a to do list before I leave.

3. Electronics needs cover because their is a lot of thievery that goes on over there. In actuality there is nothing we really can do about this except notifty Management that there is someone 'supicious' in the electronics department. I usually have fun with this and scare the bejesus out of theives by getting on the intercom and prompt "Scan and record electronics". In actuality I do not even think all the cameras work except for the ones near the cash registers.

4. I rip on members in the break room. Everyone has their own story. Like today, there was this one member that tried to run over my pallet jack and say I "was moving" when I was stationary. Then to add icing to the cake they tell me, "Members have the right of way". There was another case last week when this lady asked for a mixer when I was covering electronics. Now mind you, mixers are in a different department. She wanted an egg beater. I told her over the phone to give me a minute to walk over to the mixers because I had to cover electronics. She then began to yell at me saying that "no I should know the prices right now; do not give me excuses". Now at this point I was trying to tell her the prices and describe her the mixers and she just started to yell at me some more while I was trying to get her the price for the item. First I mentioned the Magic Bullet Tm blender, but she just kept yelling and she knew what she wanted from the beginning but did not say anything.

For more info on what antics go on in retail stores, see "Pretending You Care" by Norm Feuti. This is a definative book on what retail employees and sales associates go through at department stores.

5. I wander around the store when it is really, really slow. I have to say this is something we are all guilty of at some point. Even some managers do it. Afterall, during a recession, who wants their hours cut? Unless you are totally bored and stuck in the tobacco cage where all time stands still, the answer should be no.

6. I cover other positions. I have done a variety of positions at Sam's club. I have done Night Merchandising, Center Section, Recieving, Hard Lines (My normal section) Electronics, Marketing, Tire Center, Greeter, Cart Pusher, and Demos just to name a few. When Membership does not know what position I am pretending to be that day, they just call me by my first name. :p

Well I will wrap it up here for now. We have a lot of positions at Sam's Club and I will probably do some more in the future. Time will only tell.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow in Reno

Going to work in this is not bad. I wish the snow in Reno only stayed this high. If that was the cash, then I would not have to worry about returning from work in the snow. I walk to and from work as a means of exercise and a way of saving money.

The payoff is great because I am able to maintain my weight and can tell people "When I was young, I walked 4 miles in the snow everyday!" But on a serious note: I hope the winter next year will not be as bad as it was this year. Too bad I cannot play in the snow :(. I could call in sick, take a paid day off and enjoy the snow, but that would be a bit dishonest now wouldn't it. Lately I have these inclinations that I should be more open to people ever since I got scammed by my two roommates. Call it reverse bad karma methodology or whatnot, but I feel if you are constantly be honest, you can eventually surround yourself with honest people eventually the payoff in connections will be larger than constantly looking over one's shoulder.

In short, it is a good mechanism to subconsciously weed out bad apples in life. However I should digress and say that honestly should not be coupled with brashness or feeble-mindedness.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good News

I have been checking the site dianostics on this blog and it is actually doing pretty good for my second site ever built. First site to ever be made without much help. I am happy to announce after 4 days, has had over 100 vistors come to the site. Now that I am getting okay traffic, I have to double my efforts in giving the audience and the "bots" the traffic they need to stay in business. Unfortunately to get to that level it will take more time out of my week. The payoff for me will be a blog I can be proud of.

Thank you everyone for the visits.

Feed Food for the Stomach


Today I am going to something a bit different: I am going to do food reviews. After eating two helpings of curry and seeing the slow traffic at Bangkok Cuisine, I think if I, along with a few of the other bloggers in Reno ban together and wrote reviews for different areas I think we can honestly have a fun experience getting the notoriety of the local companies out while we weather the recession.

As I did my routine things before leaving the house, I noticed a bright green flier that one of my former roommates left behind. While he was unreliable with the rent and a bit moody to boot, he did have decent tastes in restaurants.

"Hmm 55 Mt Rose, not too far from where I currently reside." I thought.

Luckily I was right. It is actually near Sushi Pier 2, a decent sushi place which hosts of several different other stores in its locales. While the exterior looked rather plain with one of those green hotel roofs, the inside honestly looks like a four star place.

Price wise, if you are trying to pinch pennies until your next pay check, I do not recommend going here, not unless you just want to get an appetizer like coconut ice creme. But if your fairly frugal with your paycheck then you can probably get away with going there once or twice a month.

That just a side note--On to the food!

Food wise, it is rare that I get seconds at a fine dining establishment. Bangkok Cuisine, left me wanting more, so I ordered a second entree. The first dish I had was green curry. I am a fan of spicy food so I stuck with what I like: curry and more curry! First I had the Green Curry, which was a small let down because it wasn't green =(. However, it was moderately spicy and that made up for its lack of greeness. Just a cultural note, most Thai curries tend to have coconut mixed inside their rue or curry sauce. I'd have to say the spice was nice for a moderate price. The curry itself was mixed with red and bel peppers along with some spices to make the bowl, beyond "Native Thai Spicy". It was not like the Triple Garai Spicy Chinese Noodles that I had in Okinawa, but the spice was not bad either. I need to invest in camera so I can write these reviews AND add pictures.

The next dish I tried was the Red Curry. For some reason I was stuck on colors today. That and my stomach felt like a bottomless pit. Ok the curry was orange ( X( Nooooooooooooooooooooo!) and it was not as Spicy as the green curry. It did however have a little kick to it. If you are trying to break into eating spicy food, this would be a good starter. Looked simular to the last curry dish that I had and smelt of coconut even more than the green one. This dish emphasized more of the the coconut taste than the spicy taste. It was good but I was trying to go for spicer so I had to say the green was better in that aspect.

Between both of the dishes, the orange green curry wins over the orange red curry due to my palette craving spicy items more. They tasted about the same in different ways. Both of them are winners. If you do not want Curry, Pud Thai is always a safe bet, although I do not personally like cooked peanuts mixed into stews.

I give Bangkok Cuisine 4.5 out of 5 stars, but if you want to see other reviews on this establishment, by all means Yelp them out.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Acer Made Postings

Okay! Today I write you from the BK Lounge. Seems like my connection will be down at home until I can get another connection from Cricket. I will have to wait for that due to bills and budgeting. I love the Acer laptop that I got from Wal-Mart.

For $350, you can have a laptop that has 120 GB of memory, Windows XP and an Intel Atom Tm prosessor. It is not a bad deal at all. I also set the BIOS so it doesn't lag the small screen too much. If the people in the ads at the mall want to see one laptop per child, the best way to do this is to affiliate with Acer. They are cheap, affordable, comes with Wi-Fi, and very portable. With its 9" screen it is easy to slip it into the front pouch pocket of my sweater. When the gang at Sam's had these on a Black Friday promo, they sold out in 3 hours.

If you really want one laptop per child from Acer, the way to do is through the simple mathematics of children across the globe: for the sake of simplicity, I will say it is 1.5 billion children. 1,500,000,000,000*350d= 5.3 trillion dollars for every child around the world. While not very theasible to do it around the world in one year, I would say that it could be theasible in say ten along with having a laptop donation program to curb the cost. Hey if America can spend 1 trillion dollars on insurance plans and auto mobiles and 11 trillion on wars in the past decade then what is a measily 5.3 trillion dollars. Oh right we are in debt now. I would say the only way to do this plan is to get other countries involved, thus making 1.5 billion laptops and making Acer and me rich. (I would invest in their stocks if they got this deal!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Electronic and Vacation Promo at Sam's Club

Well while I try not to talk to much shop, (Who am I kidding; I talk shop all the time;)) I have to say if you are in the mood to get an HDTV or Blu-Ray system for the bedroom, maybe just want to a fantasy cruise or Hawaiian trip, Sam's Club is offering to give $100 purchase on each one of these selections in order to stimulate spending during the recession. While Wal-Mart Inc. Has a fairly healthy stock portfolio during the recession, that does not mean that Rob Walton is in his ivory tower.

Also the politics that shape Sam's club is beginning to become a bit shaken up. Lee Scott longtime CEO of Wal-Mart has stepped down due to strategic changes during the recession. Mike Duke is now going to be the CEO of Wal-Mart. This leaves a lot of questions for a lot people. What does that mean for the holders of WMT stock. Rest assured, according to his background, he has an in-depth knowledge in supply chain management and logistics. Plus Lee is not really going anywhere. He is simply stepping down to do a committee position for Sam's Club. Lee has been with Wal-Mart for roughly 30 years and has been CEO for 9 years.

I just wish they would demo some video games at my Sam's Club. I really would like to see some Fallout 3 or some Street Fighter 4 demos. We can play Alvin and the Chipmunks 8 hours straight, but we cannot play any Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Maybe it is for the best, because I would be playing some GH instead of zoning or merchandising. but I would also be able to become better at guitar.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Japanese Correspondance Going Well

I will keep this short since I have to do a morning shift at Sam's Club and they are going to kick me out of Burger king soon. One of my friends went to Japan for work. Right now he is working for a small firm that manages domain. I think he does a lot of coding there and periodically does work for other websites. Believe me, he probably would make a website from scratch if he got he wanted to do what i am doing.

Anyways, he actually has been getting me contacts at English conversation school. In fact, at the rate he is going, I might find work over there in no time. He used to be my roomate but was forced to leave my house due to his father pressuring him. While he is weak willed in some aspects, he is certainly strong in other areas. (Like landing high paying jobs.) I think I stand a chance at going to Japan between working at Sam's Club and him searching for me. I will try to make the next blog longer for the sake of unique content. Good night everyone.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Burger King Surveys Are the Bomb

Ok by far the best deal that you can continually get with a meal is the infamous Whopper survey. Why do I say this? Because I am in one write now, abusing their Wi-fi for a chance to write to the reader and give it a go at making something interesting to take away.

So far I have yet to find a deal that tops Burger King's free whopper survey. It will usually begin with "Hello! Welcome to the Burger King guest satisfaction survey. Hello! I'm Jennifer." It really does do that. Then it will ask you to rate different food from 1-5, 1 being utter garbage and 5 being food from the gods. Usually you can get away with lying on the survey and pressing the number on your phone multiple times, but it is best to switch it up. If you answer the same way on the same phone, the location of the phone will be recorded and you will have to do guest satisfaction surveys until the "King" comes home. (Creepy guy by the way.) If you order fries and soda off the dollar menu, that is more than enough to make due for the rest of the week. Because you can do the survey EVERYDAY!!!

Ok but if you want to eat a day's fast food for under $10, the best way to do it is to have three courses of BK goodness. Note: I am not endorsing it as a health practice and I am typing this to essentially cover my own arse. Unfortunately Wi-Fi is only available at select locations. Total amount spent: $2*3 meals= $6 for the whole day. Heck grocery stores have a hard time competing at those prices.


Revamped the site

Hope you like it. Will write longer blog when I have the time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

HTML, Skills and Valuable Resources

After five exhausting hours of messing around with the features and almost losing simple editing privileges from my own absent mindedness, I have come to the conclusion that I will have a better chance at playing around with scripts, if I knew more about HTML. For those of you that don't know HTML (hyper-text modeling language), it is perhaps one of the most useful languages of web editing and also eccential for creating revent content that stands out. While there are many critics out there that says that XML will usher in a new web era.

I beg to differ: one most of the apps on MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking sites like OkCupid and Tagged still use html for web design combined with Java Script. Knowing this it gives way to good quality flash programming and some programming with even 3D Studio max. Note: Blogger itself uses html in the user interface for having user being able to flesh out their own piece in the web enterprise. I have to say that this is going to be one of the most influential times in blogging history as the rift between html being "obsolite" and XML being the best thing since sliced bread.

If someone was to ask me how I felt about html five years ago, I would have said that it is not as useful as say Python or C++. But after messing around with html in my own life, I have come to a different conculsion that html will be able to shape entrepenuerialship along with XML. To be in a camp of faved programming though is like trying to use a gun without bullets. Looks intimidating, but doesn't give way to potentcy. These days programming polyglots are the ones that rake in the cash. If anyone wants to do any raking of their own, they need to know what skills are needed for their own desire.

Knowing those skills in a time of recession is king in order to thrive. When I say skills, I mean rare skills that are high in market demand. For example, I know Japanese, Merchandising, and a bit about economics and stock trading. I know that during a recession there are not going to be winners. There are going to be people who thrive and people who survive.

Another way to survivng is to invest in scares resources like gold and silver. If you have a couple of ounces or none at all. Do not fret because this is your time to shine. The best thing to do is get into investing before the market swells. Gold is expected to project to an estimated $2K in the next five years. Now do you want to be the one with the hole in the bag or the one who comes out smelling like a rose?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The First Step toward 1,000 miles

Greeting everyone. Welcome to Chuckiesblurbs.

I am your host Chuckie. =) In case your wondering where the reference in the title comes from, it comes from a Chinese proverb: "To begin journey of a thousand miles, one has to start with a single step".

So this blog will basically give you insight to my thought processes and my opinions. Kind of like Myspace except I am being paid to shoot the breeze at 3:48am while I binge on two to three cans of Monster.

Ok so a little about me. I have been in Reno since 2000 and have wasted away here for about 8 years now. Yeah, I know you think I would be happy with all the mini malls. Well that's the thing; I do not gamble at casinos. meaning that every single activity in Reno that there is to do has automatically been discarded for more hours on the net. I swear, between Monster and the Internet I have an addiction. Maybe I should attend the Internet Monster Drinkingaholics Anonymous meeting? Maybe I will get some other energy drink that tastes like crap like Rehab.

On to point #2: I have a tendancy to say whats on my mind at the moment and I will not censor it or go back and delete it. I will have to mind my Ps and Qs for this is definately for unique content and my slice of the pie. In other words, I will eventually be using those fandangled words that will cause mass panic and cause the community to shut down their information super airway and go into bailing out spree for other bloggers...or not. (Obviously, I like my politics and finance)

To not bore you, I will be writing reviews about different products, companies and employment oppertunities. Hey, everyone needs a little coin in these bleak times. Better yet, a forged passport, 20 ounces of gold, and perhaps a faux French accent might serve you even better. Right now I work at Sam's ClubTM, where our "Members" come first..or whatever propaganada that I should believe. I should say that I have been given a well of knowledge to tap into. Meaning most of the reviews will probably be from their affliates.

Oh wait, you want to know about "me". I graduated from University of Nevada, Reno with a B.A. in International Affairs and History. I went to Japan to study Japanese. (Don't worry, I will never post a blog in Japanese here. I do those on this site) If you do know enough Japanese, then I suggest visiting the site I mentioned and make use of it and make a friend, girlfriend, whatever. I guess I could set up a Japanese one in the future, but remember that I work for Wal-Mart and am using this blog to help raise my income.

If you know any affliates that I could use with blogger e-mail me at this addy. Now that I am done with my elevator pitch, from here on out, I will not post another Myspace blog, Facebook blog or any other thing associated with "free". If I want to do something for free and feel good, I would volunteer my time to something really philantric like helping elderly people use the internet.