Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sushi Boat 2 Part Review

This has probably been the most expensive review I have done. Not because the place was expensive, but because I had to make two trips to give a proper review. While I was going to upload actual pictures this time around, it turns out my phone cannot do file transfers. If I could entertain you with obscenities that borders Turret's syndrome, I would. Alas, I cannot due to contracts drawn out by the sponsors. I can say that I want to take my Motorola and toss it into a meat grinder. That is totally acceptable.

However, the show (in this case, the review) must go on.

Sushi Boat Part 1

In Sushi Boat they serve mainly Japanese and Korean food. For the first week, I reviewed Cha-shu Ramen, which costs $8. It was a mixture of beef sides, pork, Asian celery, asparagus and ramen noodles. It was a very filling dish and I was impressed at how the service was that day. The texture of the ramen is very authentic to the Japanese style and I would say that the restaurant has some potential to rise back from its esteemed status. Their Cha-shu ramen reminded me of the ramen stores in Japan in a French dining place. main due to the fact that their dininng area does not totally fit the atmosphere of the sushi bar.

At one point, they were giving discounts to UNR students, but after the roach infestation, I did not come back for three years. Since then they must have gotten complaints from customers and health inspectors and have since then raised their standards considerably. Read on if you want to know what the hand of destiny dealt me into coming to this place a second time...

Sushi Boat Part 2

Round two required for me to have a bigger stomach and while I took many pictures to post in this blog I was again stiffled by the Motorola that I now want to toss in front of a Hummer H2 just to see if it will crack. While it would be fun to do, it just is not prudent so *sigh* moving on.

In case if you are wondering what I had, it was the following:

Godzilla Rollx2
Happy Roll
Philli Roll
Spicy California Roll
Futomaki Chef Special Roll
Hotate (Oysters)
Dragon Roll
T.N.T. Roll (Spicy clam sauce with tempura and crab)
and the Rick Roll

Okay I did not have a Rick roll obviously. I did have the rest plus two other rolls. If your wonder what was the caloric intake for all of this, I would say it was around 5,000 to 7,000 calories. Fortunately the amount of sushi I had is actually ideal for body building due to the amount of Omega-3. Unfortunately, I will not be going to a gym today. I will just take my atrophy with a heightened state of pride and tom-foolery.

There is a variety of dishes at this place so if are adventuresome, you will find this place rather pleasing. After two weeks of fish and noodles, I am ready to give you the overall results of this escapade!

Presentation: Asian counter check. Japanese beer flyers, check check. French dining tables what in the world? Also some of the letters are burned out on the outside of their building. They need new signs.+.50

Service: Good the first week. Mediocre the second week and since I was the only one there, you woud think they would be a tad more attentive. Obvioucly I was dealing with the co-owner the first week and a under paid flunkie the second. And the chef was the quiet type. The second week was not all it was cracked up to be. The chef kept the rolls coming, but the assistance on the drinks was lacking. I was there about 2 hours and my drink only got refilled twice. +.75

Taste: the sushi was good and the cha-shu was great. So to average this, I am going to say the sushi was epic in variety and texture. The chef got them out quick. He only had me wait for a roll that had to be breaded, but he made other rolls until I was done. Oh and for the leaf eaters that do not want to emit CO2 into the enviroment, there are veggie rolls. For the rest you carnivores, you will find the rolls both healthy and meaty. For the people that think Al Gore is full of it and want their red meat cut lean, Sushi Boat will also find a place in your heart. +1

Price: The best thing next to the food, is the price. You can eat dinners at lunch time for only $13! That is a steal in the name of seafood buffets! Oh and they ad hoc tax too! +1

Cleanliness: It was very clean but the rugs could use a shampooing. +.5

I forgot what my other catagory was but it is all fishsticks or sushi rolls and tuna for lack of a better word. The grand total is: 3.75/5 stars. It is mainly due to customer service and presentation. If they can improve in these areas, I would be willing to re-review them sometime next year. I think the staff should perhaps be more vigilent while there is only one customer in the establishment. If they were then, there would be no need to take off points for customer service. This is perhaps the most important thing that makes or breaks reviews: the customer service. If it is good, they will come. If it is epically terrible, the customer will leave. I feel that this could have been a 4 four star experience if the improve upon what is suggested. Sorry,

I could not load pictures to make you scream for sushi. I forgive my Motorola. I will have to settle for shattering it into a googleplex of pieces using some ingenuity and a sledgehammer.

Until next time, feed food for the stomach!