Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the staff at Chuckiesblurbs! I would like to say that this year has been kind to Chuckie and it seems next year will be as well. I would like to give an end of the year thanks to the following people: NightVisionPhantom on YT. Despite our differences, I feel that we still are able to have meaningful conversations about life, ethics, and what success means to you.

In Ohio, I would like to give a shout out to Laoshu505000. We met through Yahoo and he is certainly a hard core language enthusiast. If you are interested in hyperpolyglots and languages, he is the go to guy for rare languages like Hmong, Taiwanese, Urdu, and a few others. Definately the go to guy for language materials.

Navgeet, Palkin, and Praveen, we have not met up this much this year, but may each of you never stay from your path in life. JL, hope law school in Mass. is working out. David the guy I met in JLPT 3 examination hall, a special thanks for showing me around Japan Town and San Francisco. Grigory aka Nightrunner, we have gone through some serious stuff with room mates so I understand your trails and tribulations. At Job Corps I went through room mates like toilet paper. Stephen, you are a weird one at times, as your room mate I question your habits and mannerisms, but overall I would never change a thing about you. Keep it real man.

Cindy 'Shekey' Harris, thanks for keeping me entertained. It has been a pleasure. Charles Chumonga, and the other Charles Eggleston in Australia. Majitah and Brehnen, thanks for checking up on me even though I have been extremely busy. Hopefully we will meet sometime next year. Loki of YT, I have to say thanks as well. It is nice to see more open-minded people on their that also tries to practice a degree of frugality.

To all the Japanese people that have been following this blog, thanks. It honestly means a lot. I actually got a lot of my concepts toward frugality from the Japanese. So a special heart felt welcome goes out to the Japanese and Okinawan communities. Jocylen (I think I'm spelling it right), thanks for being a role model. I honestly would have have any direction as to which next step I should take my frugality. Bruce, Brian and Dean get a thank you for hanging around when things seem the gloomist and the darkest for me. You guys can succeed to if you just focus. Phoebe<---你和你的朋友都真班助了我的中文了!谢谢您!I can go on for like 3 decades as to all the people I want to thank, but there are some people who I do not know that I would also like to thank. I would like to think all those people who taught me the ways of frugality over the years and those people who contributed with comments to the website. But lastly, I would like to thank, you the reader for putting up with all the grammatical mistakes and subtle errors I did not catch until later. Thank you!