Friday, March 23, 2012

Response to South Park's QVC/Cash4gold Episode

This is kind of a rant more than a response. Seriously Matt Stone and Trey Parker were on point with both QVC and cash4gold. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then you should go here.

To give a brief summery of the episode, Stan gets a gift from his father with Alzheimer's Disease. The gift costs $6,000 Stan's parents are shocked at the amount he paid, but reluctantly forces Stan to accept the gift. Then Eric Cartman convinces Stan to try to hack his gift at a pawn shop. The owner of the pawnshop was only willing to give him $15 dollars for the gift. Needless to say, Stan got gypped and wanted retribution. The main culprit in the episode was unidentified because it was a giant social labyrinth of people. Stan thought it was Cash4gold's fault. (Note: cash4gold can be found on this website.) Cash4gold then revealed that they just pay people low rates for their gold and that it was really the hired helps' problem (the sign wavers). Then one of the hired helped, said it was sweatshops in India. Then they pointed it back to QVC or Southpark's mockery thereof.

Do you think it is QVC fault or old people's fault? When it comes to Alzheimer's disease, the freedom of choice becomes questionable. If you're not sure what am I talking about, then please visit their online shopping page for more information.

One thing that is for certain is that cash4gold and QVC was not made for the faint at heart. These predatory companies prey on the uneducated and I feel a social obligation to break down and expose them for what they truly are:

QVC can be defined as a company that peddles its products at exorbitant prices. They prey upon old people and collection addicts along with people that have bipolar tendencies. Two of the three categories are senile in their own right. Some old people also get age related diseases that will affect their memory like Amnesia and Alzheimer's disease. So the best thing to do is to try help these people rather than prey upon their weakness. QVC takes advantage of these people to the point where you have to put into question the "freedom of choice." And these people get their jewelry from Africa (home of blood diamonds) and India (home of a plethora of other problems including: caste systems, sweat shops, high rates of deformity, and a high percentage of under educated people). Nothing wrong with these countries as a whole, but the "product" themselves are the problem. They come at the cost of being either a slave to a diamond mine or a victim of a sweatshop. Call it a 3 way exploitation scheme if you will. I call them evil.

Cash4gold are taking advantage of people in a different way. They are a company that prey off the ignorant. Does anyone ever stop to think why they will accept any gold item? It is because they can easily melt them and make them pure gold again. Gold is worth more than what they are offering. They are taking  advantage of the fact that not many people know the overall price of gold. Gold is a product that is in limited quantities and the more it is consumed the higher the price will go up. Here, see the current price for yourself. Gold is highly valued in the scientific community along with it being a necessity for computers. Gold is highly conductive and there is a variety of uses for it that extend beyond being mere bling for bubble gum rappers. It doesn't cost too much to smelt gold in large quantities, but if you smelt gold in small quantities, it is somewhat costly.

In closing don't take anything from these wolves in sheep's clothing. You will not be any richer nor better off if you get exploited by companies like this. Who would you rather believe?





Obviously both of the CEO and the "irate customer" are both faux. (Remember that faux sounds cooler when you drop the "x" when you say it.) But real recognizes real and fake recognizes fake. With that being said, the only ones receiving the "Hammertime beat down" is the consumer. We should not condone parasitic marketing that targets both the ignorant and vulnerable. We, as human beings, have the right to boycott whatever they market. When we shun their products, we bring these companies to their knees.

If you want to actually enjoy a life worth living, you cannot allow yourself to be ripped off by this apparent garbage. If you want real money for your gold, you should try to contact actual gold investors who will give you money that is a percentage off the mark up price. They need to make a profit, but they will not scam you if you encounter a legit one like a certified appraiser.

In closing, good job Matt and Trey. Keep up the political satire and dark humor. Also Mr. Haberny, thank you for the daily chuckle. You should seriously make a website with more of these letters. Check out some of his artwork here.