Tuesday, January 26, 2010

City of Reno is Short Paying for Aces Baseball Contract

This just a response to a Sparks Tribune post. Sparks is a neighboring city that is near Reno. I used to work for the City and let me tell you, the people elected to manage their budgeting cannot hold one for the life of  them. When I was in the recreation department, they would hold all of these meetings and trainings. Some of which we would not even need. Who really needs Greeter Training? Sorry, but I do not think I need to know how to say "Hello Ms. Smith, your kid was good today". The only thing that matters is the necessities in training. Just to give you an idea of the stuff talked about that did not relate to kids and recreation there were seminars on sensitivity training and how to sale to people at the ice rink. No seriously.

Going back to point, I need to say that Reno has the right idea in investing back into the city, but they need to do so on a  lower level. First, Reno needs to focus on building a source of income that is not based around gambling and tourism. Tourism is going to come to a stand still soon enough. Reno will have to find a new market. One they need to focus on the small businesses, not fly by night tourists. Tourism is a seasonal thing. Reno needs steady income. Industry has to be focused in the local market. Not on events were people spend money in town one day then leave.

Now the Aces is entertainment differs from Street Vibrations and Hot August Nights which brings the city a week of revenue. The Reno Aces bring at least 7 months of revenue. Okay, that is different than a come and go event. We need to focus on what we have already replicate success. We have a strong group of warehouses and factories along with a engineering  firms so why not start there? We need innovators in Reno and other people need imports.

Another area we need to focus on is bringing more businesses to Reno and creating businesses. Small businesses drive Reno's economy and small businesses are need it for it to thrive in the next decade. A sports team like the Aces provides small vendors and contractors, not just baseball players. Now I am no fan of baseball, but I can see why we need the Aces in Reno. They indirectly foster those businesses. Last year the management bought $70,000 dollars of vending food from Sam's Club. For something that actually brings Reno, money the board members need to pony up. The team is an asset that brings a crowd, brings revenue, brings money. For Reno to short the team is a huge disservice to the community.