Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Frugal Snack: Super Easy Puppy Chow

This is just a fun side thing to try if you want to save money. This is on the Hiroko Channel at YT. If you like cooking and want to cook and affordable snack, then try "Super Puppy Chow". The languages of the video are in English and Japanese so it should be understandable. Japanese is used a little more than English but both of the languages are in its simple form, nothing too complex. Students that study Japanese should also find this video interesting as a learning resource.

 Note: it is not really "Puppy Chow" so do not feed it to your dog for the recipe calls for a lot of sugar and butter. The dessert is called "Puppy Chow".  Also if you like Hiroko's recipe, feel free to subscribe to her at YT. She also helps people learn Japanese at the Japanesepod 101 channel. If anyone makes this, let me have some!