Monday, February 1, 2010

The Return Policy of 90 Days at Sam's Club Will Officially Be Enforced

To all of you that think that the LCDs are still "grand fathered in" I am just doing this response to let everyone know  that Sam's Club's old it is not. ALL electronic devises that are not related to software are not grandfathered in anymore. As of today, I get to reject whatever is not covered under the return policy of 90 days or the 1-3 year N.E.W. purchased survice agreement. So for better or for worse,  when you bring an electronic device back to the store make sure your reciept covers it prior to the 90 day purchase. The only exception to that rule is any device purchased before November 1st, 2009. Those items are still "grand fathered" in, but once they are returned, that's it. You cannot bring back anything after the 90 days. So if  you do not get a "service agreement" on the purchased item and it breaks down after 91 days, for better or worse it is yours to keep.