Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Games For All!

Another day another post. Another game another payment...? Nope not me. People always wonder what games I play if I have the urge to play one. I often ponder this myself. I'll give you a hint: most games I actively look for cost less than $1 to play. In other words, I do not even pay for games. I just play all the freebies I can find. Now you are probably wondering about the quality, but rest assured, they are actually pretty good quality.

When I started looking for freebies, I first gravitated towards http://www.newgrounds.com/ . A gem in the freebie community, NG has a lot of beta Flash made games and slideshows.

When I want  to play an RPG: there is http://www.runescape.com/ . Honestly, I have not been to this site in a while, but it  is pretty intricate. Sure it's no WOW (World  of Warcraft), but it can stun people with how great the quests actually are. And you can customize your avatar character to do a plethora of things. Worth checking out.

For first person shooter games or third person shooter games, I go to http://www.ijji.com/ . The games worth checking out are Gunz and Soldier Front. These games are probbably the most beautiful of the freebies next to PoxNora.

Next in tactics games, I would say PoxNora is one I definately want to check out, even though I am going through another one right now. It is at http://www.poxnora.com/ .

For those of you who like the Fall Out/Diablo/Resident Evil Games, there is one my room mate just recently introduced me to. You can actually play this one in 2D/3D with  toggle mode. It is none other than Dead Frontier! Check this one out at http://www.deadfrontier.com/ . Oh and if you need armor repair service, hit me up! My ID is sinigami.