Sunday, September 5, 2010

Haircuts for 8 Bucks

A cheap haircutting place moved next door to me! Now I do not have to hike 2 miles to find an affordable haircutting salon. For those of you that are in Reno, the address is:

Time 2 Cut
206 Linden Street
Reno, NV 89502

Now the threshold  for haircuts for me is $10. They luckily charge $8 and offer really good customer service.

There is something secondary that I would like to address: how much do you honestly pay for a hair cut? Now this is something you can do at home if your skilled enough (I'm not). Can you really justify paying $20 for just a haircut. The amount that is charged is ridiculous these days. And no, this does not include highlights or dying. Can that amount honestly be justified? I do not think so. So why bother over paying for a basic service? True people need their hair cut and there is a demand for good stylists, but honesly unless they are trying  to dye your hair or highlight it, I do not see this amount as being thesible.