Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chuckiesblurbs will be on a hiatus

I have come to the conclusion that this site is finished as far as I want to reach with it. I talked about different investments and strategies to save money. I wanted to throw food reviews into the site to make it that much more unique, but it pangs me to say that I have been met with much resistance on that. And now I am going back to Korea. Which brings me to the future of Chukiesblurbs. Unless I can figure out a new angle to go with the site, it is pretty much done (aside from the occasional update here and there).

From here on out, I will mainly be focusing on different projects:

1. I would actually like to write a book.

2. I have to study Korean now along with Japanese

3. I will have to adjust to a new culture.

4. I would like to create a new blog. One that will focus on my times in Korea.

I will reach and every one of the four goals on the list. I have others as well, but those are the main four. I would love to write something new on CB, but currently I feel like I have hit a roadblock with the site. Trust me, this is not the end; it is a only a alternate ending.