Thursday, September 22, 2011

Korean Dental Vacation???

Hello. thought I'd make a quick post about dental vacations. It seems to be the in thing these days. I came to Korea to fix my teeth and earn some money. Why did I come to Korea for Dental Work? Well it only costs about $4,000 for all of my dental work combined. In the United States it would have cost you much more.

How many people just shrug off the fact that they have dental problems and decide there is nothing they can do about it? Many. They would just opt for dentures and a extraction. However, I did some research into this. (I wanted to fix my teeth without going broke.) Mexico and Korea have far less cheaper dental cost than most other countries. Poland I think also has affordable dental (but the price of the rooms were outrageous). This is why I went to Korea: a) I was tired of paying rent, b) I actually wanted to use my college degree instead of selling electronics for a living, and c) my teeth looked like a Fallout bomb shelter.

Perhaps I should post this in Incheon Charles , but I think it has just a little more to do with frugality than Korea as a whole. Anywho, if you can save a least $10,000 for dental work you can have wonderful results if you decide to go out of the United States. Dental work in the US, is just too expensive. 30-40K for an operation (not including cometic dentitry) is just too much to pay. If you pay that much, you eccentially are signing a licence to get ripped off. The reason why it is so expensive is the exorbant loans and insurance costs that US dentists have to bear.

I need to get my implant and crown so I will end here.