Monday, October 3, 2011

Cthulu Saves the World: A Cheap Indie Game Available on Steam

I just though I create a quick post. I haven't found any frugality hacks as of late...until now! I manged to come across an ad for Cthulu Saves The World in my Facebook. I was just playing Tetris like I always do and I went to my groups to check on how many members we have in there. Turns out that we have roughly 200 members.

Anyways, I checked and there was a video showing Cthulu Saves the World. I also got Breath of Death 7 for free with it. It will only set you back $3 for over 60 hours of game play. If you count all the different modes of gamplay it says, it accounts for more than 60 hours, See the video to Cthulu here.