Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Thoughts on Retro Active Loan Forgiveness and Wall Street Occupation

I have been getting into some pretty interesting debates on the whole student loan and Wall Street fiasco. And because I have quite a bit of money, I am suddenly the "know all see all" to the situation. Here's how I see it as a whole: 1) no one should be "forgave" for their student loans and 2) occupying Wall Street is not the answer to the financial problem in the United States.

Let's face facts: the United States is trillions of dollars in debt with a highly educated work force whining about every single little thing because things do not go so well for them. This is supposed to be our educated elite capable of making decision and innovations for themselves. This is supposed to be the top of the top "intellectually" (which I really don't believe in IQ) and this group is supposed to have all the answers for going to college for so long. Then why can't all these geniuses balance their own budgets? Why are all these people in debt with no way of paying their loans off? I'll tell you why, they were spoon fed a system, that "has" the solution to their needs. But if you take a step back, you'll see how stupid that notion really is.

Take two college students: one of them decides to study four years, take no loans, and scrape by with little or no debt. Another decides to go to college for 10-12 years (which they are in their 30s by now with no real work experience) they take a bunch of loans, go in debt, and tries to get a job in a bad economy. Suddenly to get a regular job, you need some college. Suddenly to get hired, you need at least a 4 year degree. Who do you think wins? The answer is the college student with the 4 year degree. He/she has close to no debt and can start earning money right away. The other student has to wait for his/her professional job. Student A can work a regular 9-5 and be already set to elevate to his/her professional career. Student B has to find a way to make ends meet because he/she has to compete with an educated pool of people with the same if not better qualifications. In short College student A will begin a life of earning money. Student B will have to wait 20 years down the road due to their six figure debts that they have to pay back.

Think about it: the most affluent people in the world do not have anything more than a 4 year degree. Unless you really want to be a lawyer or an M.D. there is no real need to go another 4-6 years in a shaky economy rapt with uncertainty.  I have to say that many people have this myth that getting a college degree means you will have money. That's is far from the case. 70% of all students that go in for a college degree and graduate get jobs outside of their feild of study and 80% of those students end up living with their parents. I considered this the ultimate act of disgrace. I supposebly went through all these classes and am considered super educated yet I ask my family for hand outs? That is total garbage in my eyes.

I'm going to be trite for a second: if you got into debt, you should get yourself out. No one put a gun to your head and said take the student loan. You could have taken time off to do an intership or worked for a little while or applied for scholarships. No one who works really cares about giving just you a job. So please check your entitlement mentality at the door. You are entitled to pay your taxes, you are entitled to apply for jobs, you are entitled to work your way up like everyone else. You do not deserve special treatment. Quit whining about your student loans. Suck it up and pay them off. No one deserves to really forgive you.

Ultimately, I would like to address people that have debt, but want to be rich. What are you producing? Your supposed to be leaders of the world. If you can not find decent work that you like, you should consider being an entrepreneur. I seriously have no love for people that just want hand outs. If you have an idea to make a company and create jobs, you should run with it. People are just banking on their degrees, when they should be banking on their imaginations. Sorry that's the way it is. You need to take your big idea and run with it. You are young and should not be scared of failure. If you fail, so what. Just don't go asking me for a loan.

Now getting into the occupy Wall Street fiasco. There are all these companies that put home owners into debts that they could not pay off. Think about that for one second: if you are truely one of those owners, then the person you should blame is in the mirror. If there are millions of families stupid enough to not read a contract or take it to a lawyer for verification, then they deserve to lost their money. The businesses aren't really that predatory per se. I was about to go in on a house and there were many many different loan options. Analyzing that, I could choose which one was right for me and my personality. What makes Wall Street the total problem? Does anyone honestly think that they are solely to blame?

services. Which means you do not have to buy anything from those stores if you do not want to. Again I'll use the gun analogy: no one says by stuff from Wal-Mart at gun point. You choose to because of the prices they have. They outsource to lower their prices. No one says "eat at Taco Bell because they hire immigrants who are willing to work for minimum wage" at gunpoint. Again these companies do not want America to fell. If they did, then they would no longer have 75% of their customer base overnight. 

I think the anger should just be directed towards the CEOs who took the subsidy money and gave themselves bonuses. They should all be imprisioned for abusing government money. You should not get mad at capitalist for being capitalist though. You should just get mad at the crooks for being crooks. Also, occupy Wall Street doesn't solve anything. If anything it creates problems, because the majority of poor people are not at Occupy Wall Street. They are in fact middle class to rich people. If you really want to point fingers at the problem, it should be at those people for not starting up companies to compete against the supposebly "evil" corporations.