Friday, May 8, 2009

Banks Rallies Back?

The moves are in. Banks are failing, but suddenly pass "stress tests". Is your money safe? Note that July 22nd, the national minimal wage will go into $7.55/hr. Inflation will set in. Your dollar will get weaker. What does this mean for you?

Everything is set up by design: there will be a shift in economic and political power. Why is it that we need to save money then? It is simple. It is to combat inflation. What you should be doing is not worrying about the "stress tests". Instead prepare for the financial counter attack. Now it is a misnomer that banks are "passing stress tests", rather they are digitally fabricating fiat.

Stock markets are "rallying" due to socialism. How do you battle the financial stress tests? Simple. Eliminate debt. If every American got out of debt, America will have 15% of its national debt paid off. While this might not be so much of an impact, this amount would actually appreciate the overall value of the dollar. Once the "rally" is over, there will be more job loss and even more unemployment. It is like a financial enema that will happen: if you are in debt due to a bank, it is not the bank's fault. Look in the mirror and it will reveal the culprit at fault. If you are in debt, mirror your mistakes and turn debt into profit through frugality. I do not stress about debt because I am no longer in debt. I am in the black every month.

Also invest in liquid assets such as stocks and precious metals. Gold is likely to go up, but silver will gain on gold due to demand and technology. Just be prepared for it.

If banks are stressing eventually you will be stressing. Do not take a loan that you cannot pay. The best thing to do is to never borrow more than you have. This is how to stop the debt game. You ALWAYS have more assets THAN liabilities.