Monday, May 11, 2009

Loans Are Bad

Now for those of you breaking into frugality, loans are the epitome of economic failure. If you think a loan will get you out of debt. you are sadly mistaken. It is debt. Like the saying "money begets money" debt begets debt.

The only true ways to go beyond your means from a 9-5 job is to get another job, invest, or to cut down your standard of living. The best advise is to go through the standard of living first, find the job, then invest for cash flow or revenue. While the market is in the pits and we are in the "Great Recession", it does not mean that you have to go broke with everyone else. That is a slave mentality.

Frugality mixed with investing is the turn key to your success. Continue saving money, but you will want to invest what you are not using. The rest of your money should be a windfall, but never invest more than 50% of what is in your account even if you are financially well off. One of the golden rules is never lose money. That rule has to be followed to a tee. In other words, research is three to five times more important than the money you put up because the money is just an end to gain more money. Do not go in on an investment unless you are certain you will gain money from it.