Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Social Healthcare

Today's news gave me the most eerie chill I have ever experienced. America is on the verge of getting social health care. Which means, expect long lines at the hospital and bad treatment. The overall end to achieve is less care not more.

Frugal people know how to survive without a nanny society. This one seems to want to baby us more and more. Barack Obama is inadvertently hurting the dollar even further by allowing social health care. We are a nation in debt: we do not need to burden ourselves with everyone else's debt. Think of all the hypochondriacs that will come out of the wood works. People will be demanding services from the government that will not be covered. We are on the verge of catastrophe. In Japan they have national insurance. Why not have this as an option instead? This nanny state that America is become will only beget more wage slaves.

If Barack Obama legitimately cares about the U.S. government, then he will see that this plan is a detriment to creating a welfare nation. I should not stand for this and neither should you. This system will only cause more havoc. I for one will refuse the social welfare err I mean health care card. Everyone here should refuse it too.

That is all I have to blurb about. Until next time--save money now; avoid poverty later!