Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's the little tricks I do...

People wish to know the best way to save money. I get asked this all the time: "How do you save so much money working for Sam's Club?" I reply simply, "It's the little things I do." Trust me, every  little thing adds up. I am not kidding when I say this. I get paid in food for my computer repair work. I use warranty sales to get more food. I walk to work, "rain or snow". I invest passively. I rent a studio apartment. I work Sundays and I keep the same job due to stability.

These little things hhave made it possible to save a lot of  money. If I look back, at the year before last when I had a little to a thousand dollars in my name I can honestly say I have came a long way. My current goal is to try to reach a six-figure net worth in 5 years. I would  like to reach 7 in ten years but I have to plan every financial move carefully. I just got a raise at work with being there two years. So now I will almost make $10/hr. And I am 5K away from 20K in liquidity. I did this on a paycheck of $8.65 per hour. I have been saving up and investing and it is paying off. Soon I will buy more stock and pursue a real estate deal (but more on that later). I am sticking to the main goal which is becoming the master of my own destiny. If there was anything I want more is to be able to work my own hours when I want to, but considering that I have yet to find such a job, Sam's Club doesn't treat me too bad; so I think I'll stay until I get one of my crazy to-do's out of the way. (To get the afrementioned I would have to become self-employed)