Saturday, April 17, 2010

Work for Food (No Seriously)

This year's is turing out great for me. I think I have found my calling as a side job entrepreneur. If I ever decide to not buy anything for a week one day, I would totally do one thing: work for food. This past week I have not paid for a single dinner. I am totally stoked because I have been socking away the cash because of this!

I know what people are saying: why don't you just get a second job? In all honesty, I thought about it and much rather enjoy what freedom I do have. Working side jobs here and there is much more rewarding because there is the commute the hours and the food I would have to buy anyways. Why work two hours when half the money is going to go on food anyways?

Because of this question, I have thought up an idea. Work for food. I am going to pay for it anyways, so might as well save time and have food as my source of payment. It has worked out great. I seem to be able to obtain side gigs as a techie thanks to my job skills I currently have. The money I make as an associate is more than enough to try different investment ventures. It is also not enough to kill the hunger of expansion. Once you lose that hunger for success, it is all over. And when you really need to sock away money, work for food.