Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shopping for Success

To shop for success, one has to think about what I mean when I say this. Success to me is going to be different from success to you. I would like to get deeper into investments, so I tend to be cut throat frugal. Teacher might be the same way due to their 3 months of no work. But what about food? That necture that keeps the biological engine pumping...

My answer to that is simple: I target food as my monthly luxury. The reason why is because I want to be able to obtain the nutrition that I need as an adult male. I cannot do so on just ramen and water. However, I do eat frugal at home nonetheless.  My main two items are sandwiches and ramen. I am able to eat like a king with sandwiches.

For roughly $10 for the whole week, I get my fiber, calcium, Vitamen D, grains, protein and sugar. For work days, I eat pizza, pizza, and more pizza. I spend about $20/week on pizza combos (not extremely frugal, but there is a reason). This gets another portion of vitamins I need. And finally, I eat at restuarants for the rest of my vitamins and minerals, but not fast food. I eat mainly Asian food on my days off because it is  loaded with vitamins that I missed throughout the week and I occasionally injest multi-vitamins for the remainder. It is really important to keep a sound body; it contributes to a sound wallet later on in life. Out of all the hospital visits I had as an adult, I only had one which was $750. That is all.

In other words, I must be doing something right to be able to not make so many trips to the hospital.