Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Facebook Response: UNR To Shut Down?

Well if anyone looked at the Reno rag today, they would have found a rather interesting article about University of Nevada, Reno shutting down their degree programs. This is why I do not totally rely on my degree to get me a job: employeers do not care if you have a Bachlor's of Whatever. Because that is basically what it is. I wanted to learn more about different civilizations and foreign policy. That is why I went to school. Other than that, I actually do need a B.A. degree for getting a visa in Japan; it's the law.

So I do not need to be able to understand foreign policy nor do I need to know anything about  foreign civilizations in Reno. Where would I use it? Where would  I be able to wow the ambassador of pick-a-country? A degree is a piece of paper that says you have certain skills that will hopefully get you a job. I say "hopefully" because it really has only gotten me hourly jobs and job interviews outside the country.

With that being said, there are only key programs that will be saved and those programs [at college] will only be allowed to exist if it makes the university money. Foreign languages will be on the shopping block. Poly sci has to go. Sadistics gone. So any specialist in those areas? Bye-bye. Need a educational counselor for your kid? Look else where. Nevada don't want any. President Glick or emperor Palpantine for lack of a better name, says these programs have to go. So what does that mean for those students? Switch majors or leave. If the major is not profitable, they do not want it. Want someone to give your spider monkey a rabies shot? Sorry can't have vets. This is the kind of mentality that the educational system has. So if you want to amass umpteenths amount of debt, go right ahead. There might not be a job waiting for you.

Since school systems are  being wiped out, here is my take on going to school. If you seriously want to be successful at saving money and learning at the same time, there are other avenues to take. If I had to do it over again, I  probably would  not have gotten two degrees. I would probably just stayed in Japan as an interpretor and amass more money, but I can never say how that would of went because it could have turned sour. I do not know how that might have turned out and I think asking to many "what-ifs" leads to doubt. Do not ask what if  this could've happed or what if that could of happened. It often leads to failure. I do not bother asking what may have happened. I move on and gather skills.

I  know life is rough and there are people out there in the cold with more  jobs, but I know that the majority will have to move on and tough it up. That is why saving  money is so  important. It shelters you in the event "you're no longer needed".