Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why Pre-Paid Phones Are Better Than "Smart Phones"

Now when people look at my phone at work, they do not see a person with a lot of money at his disposal. What they see is the phone and its overall "cheapness". Yes, I only pay up to $30 dollars for a phone. The reason why I do this is because getting a smart phone stolen "smarts". I have to say there are a lot of cool apps. for the smartphones, but those phones do not satisfy me. I want something basic in a phone; I don't want it to make coffee for me. Because of this I got a phone that gave me double minutes.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) that phone was stolen today while I was at work. It was probably just to spite me, but I cannot get by without a phone in my daily life. Low and behold, I found my same phone for $15. That was a super score. I hope everything works out and I can get my minutes transferred over. I am so glad my last phone was $30 instead of $300. I would be eating ramen for a month on that one. That, in a nutshell, is why prepaid phones make smartphones 'tap out'. Tracfone (my carrier) offers good customer service too. I reported my minutes stolen and they gave me minutes doubled for those on my new phone. So now I have 530 minutes (a little under 9 hours) of call time.