Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free 2010 Credit Score Here

Hello! Long time not blog! Actually I was in San Francisco at a job interview. But I just got back into Reno about two days ago. While browsing the web today I happen to come across this website where you do not have to submit any credit card info nor pay $15 for a "free" credit score. I believe you can only ask one time per year, but it isn't like I need to ask more than once. Now the credit score relates to the credit report. It is your number which designates whether or not you can get a mortage, credit card, or a loan at a low interest rate. (See the rich really do get richer) The link is for the credit score.

If you want to see your credit report, go to and then pick between the three large crediting firms. Don't ask for a score on the second link unless you honestly feel comfortable giving out your credit/debit card information. If you do feel comfortable, then you have to cancel your information and then wait for the $15 to be processed and reissued to you. I honestly consider this a overall headache to get a score from those companies and prefer using CreditKarma.

On that note, I just realized I am giving away free advertising to these websites, but who cares. The information on those sites are invaluable and everyone should  keep track of their credit score. Am I condoning spam? No. So don't bother me by sending me any. I'll just reject those comments faster than a kid can reject green beens. My view towards spam is synonomus with Girl Scouts trying to sell me cookies: I don't want any.

Tangent aside, frugality will natually lead to a higher credit score.  I do not use credit and I have a good credit rating. Now why is that? Oh right--I pay for everything with cash and assume as little debt as possible. And I pay all my bills on time. Meaning, if you want to increase your score now, you have to assume some responsibility towards paying off debt and paying things on time all the time. Any late payments can damage your score. Any defaults on your mortage would  be the equivilant to kicking your credit score in the groin. While you can legally dodge creditors, you cannot run away from living in the rat race. That is where you will be if you do not pay close attention to all of your financial transactions.

What I like to do is have physical copies of  my bills and my banking as well as having online banking. I do not care if it increases my "carbon footprint", so do not send me hate mail. I consider freedom against financial servitude more important than the tree banch it took to make me my bill. I get a lot of  e-mail daily and I  might actually overlook it. If I do not know that these bills exist, how am I ever going to improve my credit score? The short answer is "I'm not."