Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3rd Post!

According to my VG grape vine the new Resident Evil (Bio hazard) 5 games will have Chris Redfield as the main character for the Resident Evil series. After a long sabbatical Capcom fans finally will have something to cheer for. And I have also heard rumors that Ada Wong will be back along with Umbrella Corporation's Hunk.

For those of you not familiar with the Resident Evil story line. There was this mansion in the Arklam mountains located north of Raccoon city with this mansion. Inside the mansion Umbrella would perform secret black op experiments. Without the explicit details, Chris and Jill confronted their leader which turned out to be none other than Albert Wesker, the head of STARS (Special Tactics And Rescue Squad). They decided in the end the T-Mutant living at the base and the T-virus was too much to deal with so they went to the base of Arkley mansion and demolished it.

When Chris and Jill came back from their mission. Raccoon city did not believe their photos nor their evidence. Disgruntled by this, Jill Valentine turns in her badge and decides to leave and decides to go sort of vigilante.

(RE 0 Stuff)

While heading to the Arkley mansion their was a strange lady that had bugs fly out of her body. This was considered one of the Ashford experiments gone awry. The being had no control and started to spread the T-virus on a massive scale. Rebbecca Chambers and Carlos had to confront this entity and take it down. Rebbecca was then trapped inside the mansion until she aided Chris Redfield from the STARS Alpha team. Doing this, gave her an avenue of escape. What happen to her after R.E. 0 remains a mystery at the current moment.

(RE 2 Stuff)

In Resident Evil 2 It turns out that Chris Redfield has a younger sister named Claire Redfield who is also "the master of unlocking" and can carry more stuff than the Leon. Leon is a cop for R.P.D. who was supposed to have finished his orientation has a police office and become an official boy in blue. But due to the spreading of the enhance G-virus, that came to an abrupt end. Umbrella Corporation plays a more active role in this upcoming sequel because it gets more in depth on the employees their. Most of them being nihilistic at best. Leon S. Kennedy, meets Claire Redfield and falls for Ada Wong who secretly has a former lover named John who worked at the Arkley mansion. Turns out the Cheif of Police was taking bribes from Umbrella Corporation in order to cover everything up. The new G-virus tyrant, aka Willaim Burkin goes on a head hunt in order to avenge his legacy of having Umbrella take his G-virus formula. Oh and as a side note, the Umbrella team in Resident Evil: Extinction, got a hold of it through the Hunk operative. They then implemented the Tyrant experiment on her and made her super human.

(Resident Evil 3) Takes place after the 2nd RE movie and Jill quit RPD and is trying to escape Raccoon city. She goes through and tries to find whatever survivors there might be. She get out with a hand ful of survivors and Umbrella decided to blow up Raccoon city so that they could contain the story of both the T-virus and G-virus break outs. Jill also takes out the 3rd Tyrant due to the help of a mysterious figure (Rebecca maybe?). Jill then escapes by the skin of her teeth.

(Resident Evil Code Veronica) Turns out that the Ashford family had a vested interest in Claire Redfeild and wanted to make sure that she keep the Umbrella Corporation a secret so she was kidnapped by their black ops team and was taken to a prison full of... you guessed it zombies! This is basically about another location and derails a little from the Resident Evil Series, but it is still crucial to play to get a feel of the evil Ashford legacy. Ashfords, are basically a group of family members that frowns upon humanity so they decided to fund their Umbrella Corporation to create a virus and let it run rampant. The test site was Raccoon city. It was purposely released so that the virus could spread through the mansion and wipe away any existence of the funding. Albert Wesker also got rid of all of the evidence that pointed the act of fraticide to them. She then rescues Chris, who happens to be in Antartica and blows up the base. Like anybody would miss it in Anartica anyways.

Resident Evil 4 shifts back to Leon who follows in Jill's foot steps and quits R.P.D. The STARS police unit was an extention of RPD. He then goes to Latin America's Umbrella base to investigate a possibility of their being a zombie out break down there. Like all R.E. games, there was, but these zombies were different. Thanks to the battle field data taken from the "sentient RE3 tyrant" Umbrella was finally able to create their "super soldier": a sentient zombie. These zombies were more dangerous, because they could wield weapons and chase after Leon with them. He then finds more evidence that Umbrella and the Ashfords have a human genocide program being implemented and Leon decided to delay their action by destroying the facility.

R.E. 5 will definitely be a mystery, but so far the sequence of games have been good on Capcom's part. But the truth will eventually be unveiled during opening day!