Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reno Nominated for Most Drunkedness Award

Good middle of the night morning to you! Chukie here with more great news from the "Biggest Little City". According to our statistics in the Reno Gazette Journal, Reno has been elected as place with the most alcoholics in the nation. While I do not have a Jagerbomb to drink to that, I have a inkling some source of alcohol will before me after I am done with this post. >:) Anyway this is perhaps great news if one was worried about their job at Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Booze Bros. I guess people can still afford to get tanked even though they cannot pay on their credit card. Hey I'll even drink to that! After all we are actually helping out a local industry.

While I could just sing and ale, I think I will drink some later. If anyone was wondering about which bars I like, I will go ahead and drop them.

Stregas- They have their bar set up like a house party plus it plays decent metal.
Shooters- This bar is hit and miss at times, but if you need a cheap beer in Reno, check this place out. And they karaoke on Thursdays, with a sick list of songs.

Pub and Sub- One of the best ways to test economics with beer and pizza, period. They serve oven brick pizzas.
West 2nd Str. Bar- Basically it is karaoke everyday and good luck getting a spot to sing. You will be waiting in line until next New Years. The down side is that they have bouncers who frisk you at the door.
Waterfall- One cannot deny the elegance of the classic bar. Kind of makes feel like I am in a RPG. Maybe I should slay the dragon for the bathroom key... He's taking too long.
Lil Wal'- While I do not like their dance floor, I do like the burgers and the drink specials.
Vino's- Actually I would call this a dive dance floor. Want something more upscale? Go to Divine, where it actually hurts to breathe.
Ryan's- has to been mentioned after the monthly crawls. I had fun at Ryan's and the Waterfall, I imagine that they will get more publicity after the RGJ had them on the front cover of today's paper.

Now it is time to celebrate having the most alcoholics in the city! Support local businesses, get tanked at bars. We earned it!