Saturday, January 10, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Is Being Released

I am starting to wonder what the future hold for Square Enix after they keep making games on individual platforms. Right now I am going through Dragon Warrior VII made by Enix. It is a good game but it lacks the depth of storyline that Square has developed. However, the ginourmous flop known as Final Fantasy the Spirits Within forced them to seek out Enix and merge them. While I would love to ramble on about their history. No one is reading this blog to hear about their history. If someone asks me about it I will comment on it.

So far from the screen shot it has a bit of an Final Fantasy VIII feel mixed with X. Thankfully it does not look like XII, which was just plain exhausting to play. I just decided not to play further after a certain point. I have beat all the Final Fantasies that came out up until XI and XII. XI is impossible to "beat" because it is an MMO while XII is good storyline wise, it lacks a certain versatility. It is like they tried to take a Dragon Warrior game and combine it with Secret of Mana and WoW. To put it brief, "wow boring".

XIII worries me a bit, I know it is still in production, but from what I am hearing it is a combination of classical and techno for the fight music. Now time for some fun stuff like knowing the characters!

On to the translation part:


She is known just as Lighting. She does not talk much and does not really express her true feelings.

Snow Villers

This lad is high spirited and brash. He constantly speaks directly and in a informal manner and acts on his word. He often sees situations through in a positive manner.

Oreba Dia Vanille

She is a determined and resilient woman. Inside while her way of thinking is dated, there is nothing she does not know.

From what I see there has only been three characters released at this time. I provided the translation of Japanese to English to provide you a sense of what to expect. It seems that Square Enix is keeping a tight lid about some of the details and their "trailers" button is greyed in (hint, hint). For right now all we can do is sit and wait for Mr. Tetsuya Nomura to spill the beans on it. It will be interesting to see how the music will be guided without Final Fantasy team veteran Nobuo Uematsu. Uematsu designed most of the scores for the series since Final Fantasy III. He stopped making scores at Final Fantasy X to start his own private music mixing studio. Now if only Nomura-san could make a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics that does not involve the judges. I like how the original "War of the Lions" was set up.