Saturday, January 10, 2009

140 Year Old Lobster Freed By PETA

One can only come to awe nature. It is a apparent that the end to things come is the ultimate conclusion in life. To deny this is strange, to rebel against this is a feat itself.

Enter one 140 year old lobster and a 5 star restraunt vs. animal "rights" organization PETA into the mix and you have heliarity in the making. Since yahoo christianed the crustation, George, he will be refered by his alias rather than "the lobster". This is funny stuff so I might as well roll with it.

George has taken up residence in the Big Apple was under the sea one day when some NY lobster fishermen... ahem ( this is the PETA version)... the nafarious crab harvesters from Maine decided it was high time to take him to resturant row!

Who would saved ourhero George from the evil clutches of City Crab and Seafood Inc. Where was Nemo in his time of need?

Signal the trumpets!!! Do do do PETA Power!

"He is, well, 3 centuries in human years! Well it isn't like someone he will miss him if he goes to the deep friar. The thing that matters as that we're here"

PETA is actually a organization with a long record of contradiction. While they have a history of saving animals, in actuality, they have actually put "to sleep" over 75% of the animals they save. Kind of makes you wonder what's the point of having a animal organization that fails to save animals.

Getting back to George, thanks to PETA he went to live out the rest of his days in a retirement home for lobsters in the sea. Since then he has made plenty of friends and often plays chess, shuffleboard, and backgammon with them. Now he lives happily in the sea of Maine. Thank you PETA; we trust in your knowledge that some guy who just wanted a bite to eat cannot have the 140 year old George. They will still eat another lobster so what was the point?