Thursday, January 8, 2009

Notice to All

I will be moving to a new address at the end of my lease this month, so expect a slight delay with the blog posts. I do not know when I will stop posting, I am just giving everyone the heads up. I will continue to post accordingly after February 1, 2009. Oh and I plan on having a few suprises this year which will be of comedic value so stay tuned.

For right now keep on reading; nothing is happening right now. I am leeching someone's wireless connection, so my posts should be more frequent. As far as new posts go, I will have to see what I can get after Feb 1st.

By the way, good news: chuckiesblurbs has broken 400 visitors. Oh those poor souls ;P. Anyways, keep the momentum, bookmark, and subscribe so I can experiment with the site. For me the site is an ongoing experimentation. It is kind of like the Children's book Button Soup with Goofy and Donald the duck. Eventually after all the ingrediants are added the soup takes on a life of its own, even if it just started with a button.