Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chuckie's Blurbs reached 300+ visitors

Yes! I am so happy about this! It has actually taken a lot of hard work to do this because it requires me to constantly update my content. Thank you everyone for the dedicated support and it is good to start the New Year off with a bang. 2008 definitely had its ups and downs, but this year I feel will be epic. There will be new challenges and obstacles to overcome. While I do tend to talk a bit about the economy and finance, it is good that I have people who actually are aware of this house of cards coming undone.

So far Barack Obama, has been doing surprisingly okay considering that the economy is in the dumps. I have to hand it to him, he has been able to quash some of the bailouts that the house was trying to pass. It is a shame that on some counts his hands are tied, mainly by judicial and legislative accounts. Rest assured, if he boo boos, I will gladly ping him on it. His handling of his seat in congress has been rather mature so I think he is off to an okay start. Our fearless leader GWB on the other hand would require me to make a separate blog devoted to his eight year history of failures, speech slips and shoe dodging.

So 300 visitors isn't a bad way to start off the New Year! If you like this blog, then please subscribe to it. I am actually hurting for subscriptions and could use regulars.

This is Spar...!!? Oh wait, that is trademarked. Keep on reading on!