Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Totally Random Yet Not 2nd Post

I just thought I let people know my status.
a) I am recovering from my loss.
b) I might have found a place.
c) I have the power bill to rule them all!

a) My roomates have left me with some damaged stuff that will eat away at my deposit. Oh wait we actually get those back? But, seriously the car being left and the broken window sort of tarnishes my rep.

b) I am currently looking for a place near the Peppermill on Linden. I will have to see how that turns out. I might need a ride to help me with moving all my books for right now I do not have time to quickly sell them. I will cross that bridge at the new place.

c) I do not know how, but I got a powerbill that is $286! The good news is that it is not inn my name and my roomate refuses to take my money to cover the cost. The bad news is that he will ditch the bill when we move so I think wherever I go, I will be in charge of another bill. Le sigh...I do not mind paying the bills, but calling and going online to take care of them all is quite tedious. I think that is utter garbage squared. Whether he ditches the bill or not does not matter to me. I would have paid my share if he decided to change his mind.

Possibly d) I am currently formulating a strategy inorder to cut my bills by 60%. One bill I will get rid of is the power bill. If possible, I want to get rid of garbage and only pay half the total rent. I think it is gonna be 2 people in a one bedroom for me. After that, I do not want anymore roomies unless they have a consistancy of completing leases.