Friday, December 12, 2008

Feed Food for the Stomach


Today I am going to something a bit different: I am going to do food reviews. After eating two helpings of curry and seeing the slow traffic at Bangkok Cuisine, I think if I, along with a few of the other bloggers in Reno ban together and wrote reviews for different areas I think we can honestly have a fun experience getting the notoriety of the local companies out while we weather the recession.

As I did my routine things before leaving the house, I noticed a bright green flier that one of my former roommates left behind. While he was unreliable with the rent and a bit moody to boot, he did have decent tastes in restaurants.

"Hmm 55 Mt Rose, not too far from where I currently reside." I thought.

Luckily I was right. It is actually near Sushi Pier 2, a decent sushi place which hosts of several different other stores in its locales. While the exterior looked rather plain with one of those green hotel roofs, the inside honestly looks like a four star place.

Price wise, if you are trying to pinch pennies until your next pay check, I do not recommend going here, not unless you just want to get an appetizer like coconut ice creme. But if your fairly frugal with your paycheck then you can probably get away with going there once or twice a month.

That just a side note--On to the food!

Food wise, it is rare that I get seconds at a fine dining establishment. Bangkok Cuisine, left me wanting more, so I ordered a second entree. The first dish I had was green curry. I am a fan of spicy food so I stuck with what I like: curry and more curry! First I had the Green Curry, which was a small let down because it wasn't green =(. However, it was moderately spicy and that made up for its lack of greeness. Just a cultural note, most Thai curries tend to have coconut mixed inside their rue or curry sauce. I'd have to say the spice was nice for a moderate price. The curry itself was mixed with red and bel peppers along with some spices to make the bowl, beyond "Native Thai Spicy". It was not like the Triple Garai Spicy Chinese Noodles that I had in Okinawa, but the spice was not bad either. I need to invest in camera so I can write these reviews AND add pictures.

The next dish I tried was the Red Curry. For some reason I was stuck on colors today. That and my stomach felt like a bottomless pit. Ok the curry was orange ( X( Nooooooooooooooooooooo!) and it was not as Spicy as the green curry. It did however have a little kick to it. If you are trying to break into eating spicy food, this would be a good starter. Looked simular to the last curry dish that I had and smelt of coconut even more than the green one. This dish emphasized more of the the coconut taste than the spicy taste. It was good but I was trying to go for spicer so I had to say the green was better in that aspect.

Between both of the dishes, the orange green curry wins over the orange red curry due to my palette craving spicy items more. They tasted about the same in different ways. Both of them are winners. If you do not want Curry, Pud Thai is always a safe bet, although I do not personally like cooked peanuts mixed into stews.

I give Bangkok Cuisine 4.5 out of 5 stars, but if you want to see other reviews on this establishment, by all means Yelp them out.