Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fallout 3 Named Game of the Year for 2008

Good evening. It is starting to warm up a little so I can make use of this post. How is everyone doing with the New Year? I was probably a little brutal in my last post, so I will return to normalcy. Anyways, has anyone seen the game Fallout 3?

This almost makes me want to pick up an X-box. Seriously the game has a long history of being put off and passed along to different companies. First Interplay said they were going to do the game, then it fell through, then some other company said they will take the Fallout Francaise over, but to no avail it gets canned again. It seemed like this game was doomed from the start. You know, kind of like Deus Ex 3 and Duke Nukem Forever. (Which I am also anticipating) There is one reason why I have not upped and bought an X-box 360 and that is the dreaded Red Ring of Death, a symptom created from bad maufacturing. I have waited a long long time for this game it has been released by Bethesda, a company I know little about. I hope it lives up to the legend when I do get around to playing it. And yes I know, I do not need an X-Box to play Fallout 3.

For those of you that do not know the series it is based on the completion of the Cold War. Everyone is wiped out and the ones who survived exist in "vaults". But these vaults are running out of recourses and it is up to the vault dweller to risk life and limb to find more vaults or a GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). Once this item is found. Everything goes hunky dory and everyone lives happily ever after. If you call surviving in nuclear fallout the happy ending.

The games are vast. You travel from anarchaic cities to areas that are plutaric filled with slave traders and those brahmin (two headed cows; no seriously I am not joking). There are also mutants that wish to enforce their dominion over the vault dweller and thrawt him from ever obtaining the kit needed to keep the vault going or to keep his tribe alive. (Depending on which one you are playing)

There is also Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, which you get to play as members of the Brotherhood of Steel, paladins sworn to vanquishing the evil mutants that try to enthrall the human and converting them into mutants. Brotherhood of Steel is perhaps a bit short though. Compared to the other in the series, it only took about a day and a half to beat. The boss fights on this game, depending on the difficult though is enough to make you swear obscenities at the TV =).

There are a bunch of options you have in each game and you can give you character feats and skills just like the in Dungeons and Dragons and they gain skill point in about the same manner. So if you want to try a series that is meant for gamers and is actually a "challenge". This game series will not disappoint you. The difficulty is up there with the old school Metal Gear series.