Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Japanese Correspondance Going Well

I will keep this short since I have to do a morning shift at Sam's Club and they are going to kick me out of Burger king soon. One of my friends went to Japan for work. Right now he is working for a small firm that manages http://yahoo.co.jp/ domain. I think he does a lot of coding there and periodically does work for other websites. Believe me, he probably would make a website from scratch if he got he wanted to do what i am doing.

Anyways, he actually has been getting me contacts at English conversation school. In fact, at the rate he is going, I might find work over there in no time. He used to be my roomate but was forced to leave my house due to his father pressuring him. While he is weak willed in some aspects, he is certainly strong in other areas. (Like landing high paying jobs.) I think I stand a chance at going to Japan between working at Sam's Club and him searching for me. I will try to make the next blog longer for the sake of unique content. Good night everyone.