Saturday, December 6, 2008

The First Step toward 1,000 miles

Greeting everyone. Welcome to Chuckiesblurbs.

I am your host Chuckie. =) In case your wondering where the reference in the title comes from, it comes from a Chinese proverb: "To begin journey of a thousand miles, one has to start with a single step".

So this blog will basically give you insight to my thought processes and my opinions. Kind of like Myspace except I am being paid to shoot the breeze at 3:48am while I binge on two to three cans of Monster.

Ok so a little about me. I have been in Reno since 2000 and have wasted away here for about 8 years now. Yeah, I know you think I would be happy with all the mini malls. Well that's the thing; I do not gamble at casinos. meaning that every single activity in Reno that there is to do has automatically been discarded for more hours on the net. I swear, between Monster and the Internet I have an addiction. Maybe I should attend the Internet Monster Drinkingaholics Anonymous meeting? Maybe I will get some other energy drink that tastes like crap like Rehab.

On to point #2: I have a tendancy to say whats on my mind at the moment and I will not censor it or go back and delete it. I will have to mind my Ps and Qs for this is definately for unique content and my slice of the pie. In other words, I will eventually be using those fandangled words that will cause mass panic and cause the community to shut down their information super airway and go into bailing out spree for other bloggers...or not. (Obviously, I like my politics and finance)

To not bore you, I will be writing reviews about different products, companies and employment oppertunities. Hey, everyone needs a little coin in these bleak times. Better yet, a forged passport, 20 ounces of gold, and perhaps a faux French accent might serve you even better. Right now I work at Sam's ClubTM, where our "Members" come first..or whatever propaganada that I should believe. I should say that I have been given a well of knowledge to tap into. Meaning most of the reviews will probably be from their affliates.

Oh wait, you want to know about "me". I graduated from University of Nevada, Reno with a B.A. in International Affairs and History. I went to Japan to study Japanese. (Don't worry, I will never post a blog in Japanese here. I do those on this site) If you do know enough Japanese, then I suggest visiting the site I mentioned and make use of it and make a friend, girlfriend, whatever. I guess I could set up a Japanese one in the future, but remember that I work for Wal-Mart and am using this blog to help raise my income.

If you know any affliates that I could use with blogger e-mail me at this addy. Now that I am done with my elevator pitch, from here on out, I will not post another Myspace blog, Facebook blog or any other thing associated with "free". If I want to do something for free and feel good, I would volunteer my time to something really philantric like helping elderly people use the internet.