Friday, December 26, 2008

Post X-Mas Post:What to Look Foward to in 2009

Hopefully everything went well for everyone in the Holidays. Merry Christmashanakuannzaa. Now it is time to prepare for the New Year. It is now the time to awash all of the past years mistakes and start anew. It does not get any easier as we approach the anniversiery of the 1929 Great Depression. It is funny that the combination of the marginalists, cerditors and debtors were a great contribution towards the fabrication of the collaspe of the roaring 20s.

It bring another question that comes to mind. Are you recession proof. I have talked about this eariler: have you taken the steps necessary to weather it. Look at the dollar. Look at how it looks like expensive toilet paper. Now look at the penny. Did you know for every cent of currency used to make a one cent piece, it cost more than one cent to do so? That is because there are too many dollars in the system. And it is not done through the industrialization of money. No, it is fabricated and made as glue for this house of cards. And if you think the credit you take or the debt you take cannot be fabricated, ask a banker at Wells Fargo or Bank of America and they will be glad to further educate you on the values of staying out of debt.

I hate to talk to people like little kids, but considering my old job at Sierra Kids, I have no problem to do so. For every 10-20K you borrow from Chase or Morgan Stanley, makes them richer because one they are collecting adjusted interest aka fabricated money for the purpose of collecting debt. Meaning they make their share out of sharing fake money. It is all digital, it is fallible, it is fiat. Fiat is based upon having a current monetary value based upon trust. If trade and relations go bad in the country with this "system" then you might as well call it toilet paper.

In short mathematics if 1 U.S. Dollar = a unit of fiat and if fiat = 1 unit of toilet paper then it is safe to say that 1 U.S. Dollar = 1 unit of Toilet Paper. Well now we all know we can upgrade from Charmin if we need to. Meaning that if you so wish, you can begin to wipe your bottom with the U.S. Dollar.

So what can we do in order to previal from a failing currency? Nothing.
Let that sink in for awhile. There is nothing that a Obama or a Clinton or a Greenspan can do. America has already hit the iceberg. We need change, or better yet a new currency to falll upon. Wait, why not an old currency? One that will stand the test of time? One that the dollar used to be backed by?

What about the elements Au and Ag. For those of you who find chemistry a bore, I wil put it in historical perpective. America's currency was backed by this, so was Japan's along with Switzerlands, the Romans back it with this along with the Greeks. China was also the main pirate of these elements, these metals. Metal should strike a chord with some of you and I do not mean AC/DC. What I am talking about is Gold and Silver. It has always stood the test of time and it has always been there to back the currency. It made currency current. In Zimbabwe, they have expiration dates on their currency. Would you like to see your dollar have the same or would you like to be protected against spoiled fiat.

The year 2009, will be the greatest time for us as a nation. It will create and break communities. All of this has been done with Richard Nixon, but we usher in not an era of trust but an era of turmoil. The solution is to eliminate fabricated currency and go back to an era of hard currency. It has yet to fail for thousands of years, why change now? While yes I have been blogging about Nintendo Wiis and Acer laptops, everyone needs some form of entertainment. What people do not know though is that entertainment has been in the form of silver and gold laced microchips. So this is another reason to buy gold and silver; they will always have a use.

Since the leaders of today are total creme puffs compared to a Roosevelt or a Jackson, we need to scramble to the life boats or go down with the ship. I have my boat ready. how about you?