Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sam's Club Promo Part 3

It has been a terrific week at Sam's Club. I have received free food for two days straight along with Holiday Pay. I have sold about 40K in product while working the promo table. If I was in a commission job, I would probably have about 1.5K as take home pay. However I have to say Que sera sera and be glad I have a job during the recession. While most of the stuff I have sold have been of notable quality. You should really visit Sam's Club during our after Christmas Blitz. There be heads rolling at corporate =).

For those of you that missed the Nintendo Wii on the Santa Radar during the dreaded Black Friday, there will sales that will rival it after Christmas. They saying is good things comes to those who wait and waiting will be worth it. There will be more Nintendo Wiis sometime this Janurary, but it will likely be in middle Janurary at best. You know all that stuff that was $200-300 dollars during the holidays? It will fall like crazy and be clearance booty to be found. Arrg.

Pirate jokes aside, Sam's Club, WILL NOT be open on Christmas day. Stores open on Christmas day I think are just Wal-Mart, Target, and a few Resturants that serve fast food. If you want to survive without looking for a store this holiday, Wells Mart and Rainbow Mart look like winners.