Friday, December 19, 2008

Sam's Club Promo Part 2

Okay I am back with the skinny on the electronics and jewelery promo at Sam's Club in Reno. Currently we have several perfumes going for only $20. Brands include CK One and Curves. And we have imitation leather double clip folding purses with magnet clipping.

For Photo we have rotating library picture frames and a Olyumpus Camera Set going for $99. Set comes with a digital camera, photo frame, and carry case.

I Pods for sale include 16GB and 8GB We are out of the 32GB I Pod!!! We also have Monster I Pod accessiories and Sony Noise cancelling headphones going for $70. Let me not forget that we also have 32GB I Touches for sale.

Guitar Hero Word Tour goes for $77.78 and comes with a guitar and a game. The Princess Peach Bling set goes for about $200. It comes with a pink Nintendo DS, Nintendogs and a cat game. Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit is all sold out! Ebay at your own risk!!!

There are come commuter gloves going for $12 and some X Box 360s going for about $280. Noteables are watches that were $500 bucks pricing for $50. (Do not ask me how)If you see them they are perhaps a good item to spin sell. There will be more items to report so I will add more information as the X-mas promos keep happening.