Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Electronic and Jewelery Promo Commencing Tomorrow

Ok, so I got my days off early, that just means I have to work seven consecutive days for a jewelry and electronics promo. There will be a sales promo going on in the electronics department between the 18th to the 24th. Sam's Club is one of the few places I know with a liberal return policy. It is that very policy that costs us to be in the red with electronics. I have to say that this is mainly due to members, abusing the system, but I am going to go ahead and talk about why it is so easily abused.

1. TV's at Sam's club have a 6 month refund policy. Meaning you can literally use and abuse your tv and bring it back with no questions asked. I do not know any other store that can get away with this like Sam's Club. This is only because Sam's Club boasts of having several different memberships, but in order to keep those memberships, they have to cater to abrupt stupidity.

2. Everything gets returned with almost no questions asked. All you have to do is raise your voice at Membership and they will cowtow to you and happilly accept your exchange. Have 160GB I pod that you do not like? No problem, exchange it with no problem. Have a 52" Plama TV that you personally dropped on the way home? No problem! Sam's Club does not really care.

Anyways back to the promo. The details on the promo are sort of hush hush. Meaning you will have to find a Courtesy Clerk to get any of the juice on it. More than likelly the promo items featured will be 19" LCDs, Nintendo DS Promo packs, Nintendo Wii promo packs, Sony PSP promo packs, Laptops (Maybe the Acer will be back) along with rings and corsets. Remember if you do not anything there, it can be exchanged with no questions asked.