Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow in Reno

Going to work in this is not bad. I wish the snow in Reno only stayed this high. If that was the cash, then I would not have to worry about returning from work in the snow. I walk to and from work as a means of exercise and a way of saving money.

The payoff is great because I am able to maintain my weight and can tell people "When I was young, I walked 4 miles in the snow everyday!" But on a serious note: I hope the winter next year will not be as bad as it was this year. Too bad I cannot play in the snow :(. I could call in sick, take a paid day off and enjoy the snow, but that would be a bit dishonest now wouldn't it. Lately I have these inclinations that I should be more open to people ever since I got scammed by my two roommates. Call it reverse bad karma methodology or whatnot, but I feel if you are constantly be honest, you can eventually surround yourself with honest people eventually the payoff in connections will be larger than constantly looking over one's shoulder.

In short, it is a good mechanism to subconsciously weed out bad apples in life. However I should digress and say that honestly should not be coupled with brashness or feeble-mindedness.