Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feed Food for the Stomach Part 2: Indian Kabob and Curry

Good evening everyone! Chuckie here with another food review. This one happens to be a more well known place in Reno. Indian Kabob and Curry has received many awards for excellent food and service. So in continuation to the pledge I made last week, I plan on continuing to help local business thrive by keeping every transaction I make within the United States. Now on to the review.

I came into this place in street clothes like I always do. While usually I avoid dress clothes due to my current profession I am not one who shies away from them. But...they are not really needed in Reno's Indian Kabob and Curry. This is a thriving place where business man and college student alike talk, chit-chat, schmooze and make connections. Want to impress someone to invest in your business for less than $10? This is perhaps the best place to do it. They have a self service buffet conveniently located on the back wall of their store. Usually the service is good, but lately it seems to have taken a hit since they have staff changes. Sham was perhaps the best server there, but I am not going to tax them totally on store favorites.

Today's menu on the buffet boasted of three different types of masala and two different types of curry. I was scratching my head as to why I could not find the dessert there. They have some of the healthiest desserts there (usually some type of sweet bean paste, tapioca pudding, or coconut soup. Today, there was no dessert for after going rounds with curry and masala. On this, I have to deduct a star for selection. Their salad row also took up half the buffet area. While I do like salads, I was craving vegetables and spicy beef curry. (Fortunately they did have this out en masse :p~ )

Overall the taste and texture of the food was rich. I would have to say it is perhaps some of the best food I have had in Reno.

Service wise, the store has dropped a few notches. If I have to ask multiple times to get a soda refill, then there is something wrong. I am not an impatient person, but at the same time I do expect good service. But honestly, if your store attacted college students and businessmen, you would think it would have Wi-fi. I am not going to deduct anything there for now but I think they need to use their own instead of Scotland Yard's connection. I tried the Spy Shop's connection and it did not come up. Meaning that they are probably on to them having Kabob and Curry customers steal their band width. Also the other businesses did not have their connections open so it is perhaps more prudent to say "No we do not have our own bandwidth". They lose a star for today's interaction. The owner was friendly, but the staff waiting on me needed to probably be coached on customer service. To have happy patrons, one needs good product and good service.

Their final score is 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is a shame to see a good restruant turn sour during a recession. To survive it their quality cannot be compensated for good product. It has to weigh the same overall. If you want to see further reviews on Indian Kabob and Curry Buffet, go to Yelp.